Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lisa Nguyen performed the 3000th Eyelash Extension in Colorado

Congratulation on 3000th set of eyelash extension in Colorado! Congratulations Lisa Nguyen!

The 3000th eyelash extension set done by Lisa Nguyen at Nail club & Spa Colorado

Nail Club & Spa is celebrating the 3000th set of eyelash extension in Colorado which was done by the very well known stylist Lisa Nguyen. Lisa is much respected and the most recognized stylist at eyelash extension in Colorado and also in the United States.

She has been doing thousand of lashes in her entire career and she does it perfectly. Nguyen has been doing eyelash extension for over 10 years and because of her experience, many high profile customers are seeking her service.

Lisa Nguyen qualification doesn't end at the experience she gains but she also has a certification from high end eyelash extension brand Xtreme Lashes ( She had performed her work in high end salon Hollywood area California to wherever customers need her.

Eyelash extension in Colorado is extremely popular that is why this stylist is very in demand but even though she is the sought after stylist, she still manage to perform eyelash extension with other customers like college students, her friends and family members.

The 3000th eyelash extension in Colorado is an emotional moment and unforgettable experience not only to the participants of the event but also to the people who witness it.

The owner explains "Lisa means so much for the salon and her customers, we start the count to 3000 project about 6 months ago, when we look at her record for almost 3000 eyelash extension sets, we started set up the count up from the number 2700 and it is amazing to see the number climb to 3000!"

The 3000th customer and the woman in the picture above is Jenny Smile. She is a southwest air line fly attendant from Arizona.

She exclaimed "I did not know I am the 3000th customer! my work, we have 6 attendants come for the eyelash extension in Colorado. It is amazing to think that we live in different States and come to get eyelash extension in Colorado. She is the best!"

Jenny Smile proudly shows off her new sexy Grammy looking eyelash and added "We discovered the eyelash extension service here from one of our customers. I can still remember how we notice that customer on the plane with her beautiful eyelash; we went back to the cabin and keep talking about her eyelash. We thought that she is lucky to have amazing real lashes. One of my friends came over and interrupted us by saying that was not real lashes but it was eyelash extension. One of the attendants got her eyelash done immediately the next week. Now 6 fly attendants on our group have eyelash extension done here, I cannot believe I've waited this long before going here. This is beautiful, she must be born to do this!"

Tom Nguyen, the manager at the salon explains "Most of our customers are addicted to the beauty of their eyelash extension right after they have the first one. This must be because you do not need to put on your mascara or your fake lashes everyday and take it off at the end of the day. Think about how much time and money you can save in your life because of this. You can invest your time and money to enjoy your life instead. Here in Nail Club & Spa, we use a very high end product and with the skill of Lisa you won't feel anything because it is painless and weightless. All you will hear is a ton of comments on your eyelash but nobody can tell that it is an eyelash extension. It looks extremely beautiful and natural."

Mr. Nguyen continues "about 8-9 out of 10 stylist do this will either give up the job or just do a scrumpy job. This job requires so much detail and patience. The simple trick is you have to find the right stylist with reasonable price, otherwise you will be wasting your time and money".

One of the customers Amanda Smith has been wearing eyelash extension in Colorado for over 5 years states "One of my friend works in the governor's office referred me here. I remember, I turned away immediately the first time I came here without walking inside the salon. The salon for me is unattractive outside so I called my friend to see if it was a mistake. Funny, but let me tell you that I like the high end products and services of this salon. I have been to the very high end salon in Cherry Creek area and paid $600 for the eyelash extension set but the result was far as good as here. I joked to Lisa sometimes if she wants to move to the very high end salon in Cherry Creek area, probably no one can compete with her. But I bet she is way too busy here already".

"If you search the eyelash extension in Colorado on social networking sites or anywhere in the internet you can see many of her eyelash extension pictures from happy customers. It is really amazing how one stylist can make many people happy".

Great job Lisa! We are happy at your performance, especially at the 3000th eyelash extension in Colorado. Keep up with what you love doing and bring out the beauty and happiness to people.

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