Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ABC News: Extreme Eyelashes: Are Eyelash Extensions the Answer?

Xtreme Lashes

ABC News’ Bianna Golodryga and Tracey Marx report:

Long, luscious lashes are everywhere you look these days, from the pages of glossy fashion magazines to the red carpet to reality TV.

For generations, “it” girls like the supermodel Twiggy and the reality TV star Kim Kardashian have gone to extreme lengths to enhance their eyelashes.

Those “it” stars have inspired millions of other women to do the same.

“Eyelashes are like a universal sign of beauty,” Dr. Eric Schweiger, a New York City dermatologist, told “ Good Morning America.”

If Mother Nature did not bless with you with naturally long lashes, you can now get help.

“More and more people are trying to seek out ways to enhance their eyelashes,” Schweiger said.

Today, there are over-the-counter products to condition and strengthen lashes, mascaras that promise to volumize and thicken lashes, and disposable lashes that can be glued on for a bolder look. There’s even a medication.

“Latisse is a medicine you apply to the eyelash skin, and it actually increases the growth phase of the eyelashes,” Schweiger said, referring to the prescription treatment that is the first and only FDA-approved eyelash growth product. “You get longer, fuller eyelashes.”

But for women who want long-term lashes without the pain of daily care, there’s a new alternative: eyelash extensions.

They’re the latest trend to hit Hollywood and day spas alike.

“This is one of the most addicting services a woman can do,” Laura Reina, a lash-extension specialist at the Avanti Day Resort in Manalapan, N.J., told “GMA.”

“The one thing that is great about these is that you can shower, swim, sauna, you can do anything with these lashes and look like you are fully made up,” she said.

Audra Whisten, 36, is a full-time sales consultant and mother of three from Freehold, N.J., who used to spend half an hour applying her mascara before she began to use eyelash extensions.

“When you get up in the morning, they’re there,” she said. “You look like you have mascara on. “ Now, she said, her mornings are simpler.

“I put blush on, I put lip gloss on and I’m done,” she said.

Terri Balsamo is another working mom who can’t imagine life without eyelash extensions.

“It’s easy in the morning,” the 45-year-old from Holmdel, N.J., told “GMA.” “I’m busy with my kids and my business, and I always look good. I deal with people every day, so I feel confident about myself.”

The eyelash extensions are applied individually to each eyelash in an initial application, and need to be refreshed every two to three weeks for maintenance. An eyelash extension stylist helps guide wearers to select the right look, length and thickness for their individual face.

The initial price for a full set of extensions is around $200. Maintenance appointments cost around $75 each. That makes the total cost for devoted eyelash extension wearers like Whisten and Balsamo around $1,500 per year.

“It makes you feel like you don’t have to wear eyeliner anymore because of the thickness and the darkness,” said Christine Delello, an Xtreme Lashes Stylist at Jeunesse Medical Spa in Holmdel, N.J.

“No more mascara with these,” she said. You don’t have to curl them. You really just feel like you need some lip gloss and that’s it.”

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Pedicure

I remember when I was at my younger age, I felt in love with a beautiful girl. I have to admit she was not my first love but she is the one I remember the most....

For guys, we are not emotional like woman but we love woman who has her own personality, who stands out from others, who is not only smart and funny but also sometimes can prove who she is, by doing things that may sound differently....

So anyway, what my girl friend make me crazy about her?

Actually I can not tell the whole story but there are few little simple things I can mention here what makes me remember her the most.

Somehow, every time I was weak, she came to me so strong and lifts me up. When I was sad, she came to me with happiness that makes me forgot about my sadness.

She cried when she was happy and she was so calm, cool when she was mad....

One of the things that impressed me the most was she liked to eat ice cream in cold days and she love pedicure in winter.....

Back at that time I was just so impressed and curious about her hobby. I didn’t understand how she loved to have pedicure done in winter time, I just appreciated how clean & beautiful her feet was. I can still close my eyes and picture on the night before Christmas, it was heavy snow outside, I sat on the sofa with her while watching a movie, she put both her feet on my lap, I could not forgot how beautiful her feet in front of me, I could smell the new color on her toes mixed with the lotion came from the pedicure that just did that afternoon. That smell came along with my life for years I never forgot...

Last Saturday, it was snow night I sat on the sofa watch TV by my self, I felt so lonely and all of sudden I missed her so much. I missed her beautiful feet, I miss that smell..... I decided to do a research about what the pedicure like in winter and why woman love it, why a guy like me so crazy about a little thing like that.

I went to Nail Club & Spa got the pedicure and I can understand why woman addicted to the pedicure in the winter.
I sat on the spa chair with the roller massage behind my back; they soak my feet in warm water with water massage system on my feet, then warm towel, warm lotion, warm hand massage and reflexology...... I was so in love with every thing here. Just imagine in cold day and you get warm up with hot water, warm lotion and massage....

What can make you feel better than that? I still miss my girl friend so much and I keep on thinking about those ladies who fall in love with pedicure in winter time that not only make them feel good but can also make more guys like me happy and appreciate.


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for two to eight weeks, although some people will start to see re-growth in only a week. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrow, face, bikini area, les, arms, back and feet. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.

Waxing is accomplished by spreading a wax combination thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair.

What is benefit of waxing?

There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It is a long-lasting method. Hair in waxed areas will not grow back for two to eight weeks. When hair is shaved or removed by cream, the hair is removed at the surface rather than the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface. With these methods, hair tends to grow back in rough stubble. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit re-growth that is softer.

What are drawbacks of waxing?

If you don’t have experienced licensed Esthetician to perform the waxing then it can be painful, particularly in more sensitive areas. In the market you can see hundred brands of wax .Each salon may have their own favorite one.

In Nail Club & Spa we use Chocolate milk wax “It helps minimum the pain and much safer for the skin" said Ms. Nguyen the Cosmetologist at Nail Club & Spa.

When you do the wax you can be either super fast, quick and really good or you are slow that will be much more painful to customers.

She came from California where the spa she worked specializes in waxing, she missed the full day busy of waxing, and we wish we will have more and more customers for her to prove her skill.

Ms. Nguyen can perform your whole body waxing within an hour” joked Keven one of her regular customer. She moves so fast that make you feel almost painless. She very experience in waxing: eyebrow waxing, chin waxing, face waxing, leg waxing, arm/underarm waxing, back waxing, foot waxing, chest waxing, entire body waxing, bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing....you name it, she does all!

Beside our female clients, we have number of male clients coming back for her waxing services. We also have some first time customers who feel nervous about waxing. This is quite natural and we understand this especially when you heard the rumor or story about the waxing experience of other people, it can really make you nervous. The key to take away your nervousness is to find an experienced beautician, this way you can relax because you know you are in good hands. Since all our beauticians are experienced, we never have any customer complain about the pain. It is just a piece of cake!

To sum it up, waxing is the best option with regards to your unwanted hair problems. It doesn't hurt as you imagine as long as you go the best beautician in town who knows how to do it fast and efficiently. Like what we have in Nail Club & Spa.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shellac & Gelish

Do you want to have a nail polish that never chipped off for weeks? Then you better try Shellac and Gelish on your nails. This is the new trend when it comes to nail polish and the very first salon who introduces this is the Nail Club & Spa.

Shellac product was first introduced and started by CND on April, 2010. Since then, it became the hottest beauty product in the whole world until today.

When Nail Club & Spa heard about this product, they immediately conduct research and testing. They see to it that this product is really effective and not harmful to their customers. When they have proven that it is safe to use, their team started to bring Shellac color for their customers to enjoy in May, 2010. This makes them one of the first salon in Nation adopted new shellac to customers.
Since none of the salons in Colorado is using this product, many of the customers are confuse, intrigued and curious about it so they called Nail Club & Spa to inquire about it. Now, 90% of their customers are having Shellac and they are very happy with the results. The salon has done thousands of Shellac sets and they believe that there is no other salon can perform better than them.
So what exactly is Shellac?
Shellac is a nail product that lasts for at least 14 days without chipping, scratching, or smudging. Lasting 14 days is an accomplishment all by itself but Shellac does even more. Many women have noticed that their nails are stronger and healthier after using Shellac. Not only does it not damage their nail but also it improves the nails health too!
What is the technology behind Shellac?
In fact shellac use the same technology as gel color or color gel . Color gel already exists in the market for a while but the quality was very poor and they did not do well on marketing aspects.
The idea is very simple: mix small percentage of gel with the color that would make color last longer without damage nails from gel ". CND perfected the method and produces a better quality of gel and color and they name it “Shellac”. CND knows how to market their product very well that it becomes very popular. Many companies produces the same product with different name but failed miserably. However, there is one product that match the quality of Shellac and that is called “Gelish”.
What is Gelish?
Gelish is almost the same as Shellac but they offer more colors. Nail Club & Spa like both products, for them they are incomparable. They are better colors in Shellac than Gelish but there are also better colors in Gelish than in Shellac so it depends on the judgement of the expert.
The salon must be experienced to know which product suits their customers best. They should also know how to apply it properly because believe it or not, this is a very crucial step to please and satisfy the customers. It’s like having a haircut, if the customer didn’t like the outcome, the one who perform the job gets the blame.
Applying Shellac and Gelish is not an easy task, there should be zero damage on the nail to make it look real and to last long.

Nail Club & Spa states “"It took us 2 months to finger it out everything to make it perfect on that goal. Now we can do almost anything with Shellac and Gelish : mix color, french manicre, American manicure, design ......You name it!
As you can see on internet you have ton of good things about Shellac and Gelish but there are also numbers of complain about it.
Here are the main things people complain about:

- Too thick, uneven and wrinkled.
- Chipped off too soon and sticky.
- Damage nails bed after takeoff.

If you share the same complains, you should find another salon that has experience about shellac-gelish. Everyone can have their nails applied with Shellac or Gelish, especially those who do not want artificial nails. The result is best to those who have a strong nail and it also suit those who wants to grown their nail longer. The bottom line is Shellac and Gelish color is still one of the best inventions in the beauty industry .The only the customers should do is chose the right salon for them and they will surely love it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nails & Pedicures for Halloween Party!

Are you ready for the Halloween? Do you know what costume to wear? How about your manicure and pedicure, have you pick a Halloween design?

Yearly, we are celebrating Halloween; this is the time when we can be whoever we wish we are. It is celebrated all over the world and the most awaited holiday of the year. Children and adults can really have a good time with their beautiful and weird costumes plus the thrill of trick and treat, and the sweet candies.

This kind of party becomes popular for adults in the last few decades, they can loosened up and free their wild imagination. Basically, it spells an innocent fun, you can be silly and no one will condemn you because you are all doing the same thing.

Men and women are getting excited and preparing as early as the first week of October. They have to make sure that their costumes are all done on the party. If last year, you are a cute policewoman and your boyfriend was the crazy attractive inmate, this year you could be a sexy nurse wearing your red lips and nails and your boyfriend can be the doctor.

Dress is not enough to make you noticeable on that night. You should also accessorize it to bring a great effect and fantasies. Your make-up, hairstyle, manicure and pedicure should blend together to bring out the character. You can be a very different person and it's all about fun, fun, fun!

Mr. Nguyen, manager of Nail Club & Spa in Colorado speaks about the Halloween party last year. He said "last year, we had about 50 people in our Halloween party, we had people being Obama, Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, nurse, policeman, inmate and others. All of us had a great time! Hair, manicure, pedicure with Halloween designs are all in demand. Before the party begun, we are very busy for manicure and pedicure".

He also added “we are very well known for our customers as nails and toes Halloween designers. At Nail Club & Spa, you can choose different color and designs. It can be red, orange, black, white, spider, spider web, gosh, skull, black and orange flowers, name it and we have it! We can also make a custom logo or design you desire."

Mr. Nguyen continues “With the new tool, products and experience from our nail technicians, your manicure and pedicure can come out amazingly! Halloween nails designs can be fun before and even after the Halloween. There are people who think that they can only wear scary nails, it is not always the case because we do art work. If you are very pleased with your nail art, you can still have something different after the party. We value our customers so we give them what they want. We can make your nails and toes look very classy and attractive. Our art works are very flexible, you can wear it to other occasions like weddings and birthdays and we can give justice to it. We can make any nail arts appropriate for any occasions.

Admit it or not, nails can bring a certain character to your being, so do you have your costumes ready for the party now? Have you chosen the right design for you? Now is the right time to get your manicure and pedicure done!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lisa Nguyen performed the 3000th Eyelash Extension in Colorado

Congratulation on 3000th set of eyelash extension in Colorado! Congratulations Lisa Nguyen!

The 3000th eyelash extension set done by Lisa Nguyen at Nail club & Spa Colorado

Nail Club & Spa is celebrating the 3000th set of eyelash extension in Colorado which was done by the very well known stylist Lisa Nguyen. Lisa is much respected and the most recognized stylist at eyelash extension in Colorado and also in the United States.

She has been doing thousand of lashes in her entire career and she does it perfectly. Nguyen has been doing eyelash extension for over 10 years and because of her experience, many high profile customers are seeking her service.

Lisa Nguyen qualification doesn't end at the experience she gains but she also has a certification from high end eyelash extension brand Xtreme Lashes (xtremelashes.com). She had performed her work in high end salon Hollywood area California to wherever customers need her.

Eyelash extension in Colorado is extremely popular that is why this stylist is very in demand but even though she is the sought after stylist, she still manage to perform eyelash extension with other customers like college students, her friends and family members.

The 3000th eyelash extension in Colorado is an emotional moment and unforgettable experience not only to the participants of the event but also to the people who witness it.

The owner explains "Lisa means so much for the salon and her customers, we start the count to 3000 project about 6 months ago, when we look at her record for almost 3000 eyelash extension sets, we started set up the count up from the number 2700 and it is amazing to see the number climb to 3000!"

The 3000th customer and the woman in the picture above is Jenny Smile. She is a southwest air line fly attendant from Arizona.

She exclaimed "I did not know I am the 3000th customer! ...at my work, we have 6 attendants come for the eyelash extension in Colorado. It is amazing to think that we live in different States and come to get eyelash extension in Colorado. She is the best!"

Jenny Smile proudly shows off her new sexy Grammy looking eyelash and added "We discovered the eyelash extension service here from one of our customers. I can still remember how we notice that customer on the plane with her beautiful eyelash; we went back to the cabin and keep talking about her eyelash. We thought that she is lucky to have amazing real lashes. One of my friends came over and interrupted us by saying that was not real lashes but it was eyelash extension. One of the attendants got her eyelash done immediately the next week. Now 6 fly attendants on our group have eyelash extension done here, I cannot believe I've waited this long before going here. This is beautiful, she must be born to do this!"

Tom Nguyen, the manager at the salon explains "Most of our customers are addicted to the beauty of their eyelash extension right after they have the first one. This must be because you do not need to put on your mascara or your fake lashes everyday and take it off at the end of the day. Think about how much time and money you can save in your life because of this. You can invest your time and money to enjoy your life instead. Here in Nail Club & Spa, we use a very high end product and with the skill of Lisa you won't feel anything because it is painless and weightless. All you will hear is a ton of comments on your eyelash but nobody can tell that it is an eyelash extension. It looks extremely beautiful and natural."

Mr. Nguyen continues "about 8-9 out of 10 stylist do this will either give up the job or just do a scrumpy job. This job requires so much detail and patience. The simple trick is you have to find the right stylist with reasonable price, otherwise you will be wasting your time and money".

One of the customers Amanda Smith has been wearing eyelash extension in Colorado for over 5 years states "One of my friend works in the governor's office referred me here. I remember, I turned away immediately the first time I came here without walking inside the salon. The salon for me is unattractive outside so I called my friend to see if it was a mistake. Funny, but let me tell you that I like the high end products and services of this salon. I have been to the very high end salon in Cherry Creek area and paid $600 for the eyelash extension set but the result was far as good as here. I joked to Lisa sometimes if she wants to move to the very high end salon in Cherry Creek area, probably no one can compete with her. But I bet she is way too busy here already".

"If you search the eyelash extension in Colorado on social networking sites or anywhere in the internet you can see many of her eyelash extension pictures from happy customers. It is really amazing how one stylist can make many people happy".

Great job Lisa! We are happy at your performance, especially at the 3000th eyelash extension in Colorado. Keep up with what you love doing and bring out the beauty and happiness to people.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nail Club & Spa Received "Excellence Customer Feedback”

Customers are the heart of any businesses and without them there isn’t any business alive today. Because of that we at Nail Club & Spa are doing our best to give our customers the highest form of service. We see to it that everyone is comfortable while we make them beautiful.

Our staffs welcome them with a warm smile and give the outmost service they deserve. We ensure that all our customers will go out of our spa, happy and satisfied. We didn’t need to hear words to encourage us to give it all. With just a smile in your face showing how grateful you are is enough to warm our heart and encourage us to the our best.

This morning, I received a very good news. Upon opening the email, I see the testimonial from our happy customer. This is her feedback with regards to our service.

"Amazing service! All of the ladies are well trained and know how to treat their guests with the best knowledge and service."

This feedback might sound generic but for us it means a lot. It is short and sweet, and we appreciate the effort of the customer to take time and write a feedback. It really means that she wanted to express her gratitude.

This gesture makes my heart jump with joy. As beauticians, our goal is to bring out the best from our customers and it is a great accomplishment when we bring happiness to people and seeing them walk out of the salon at their best. Nothing can really be amazing than making people beautiful, as they really is.

Every day, we are working hard to improve our services, we are researching on what else we can offer our customers, and we never get tired of pleasing anyone who enters in. Though, we received hundreds of feedbacks from our customers, we can’t help but to rejoice every time a new comment comes in. This serves as our inspiration to try harder and do a better job.

Nail Club & Spa received high ratings from our customers. This is the fruit of our labor and we are happy to serve you anytime!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Embrace and Love Yourself

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”, this is the point of view of Oscar Wilde when it comes to love. This phrase has been mentioned in several books and programs many times because it has a deep and beautiful meaning.

Many people think that to love is to forget oneself but that is not always the case. You have to love and to respect yourself in order for you to be appreciated by other people. How can other people have confidence in you if you yourself doubts.

To love ourselves is to take care of our body, we have to make sure that we are in the perfect health and we look good all the time because it is a starting point of building our confidence level. You do not have to be Ms. Universe to be confident, you only need to ensure that you look your best all the time.

No matter how busy we are, we have to make time for ourselves, go to gym and treat ourselves in spa.

Go to Nail & Club Spa, every weekend or whenever you like. It is great relaxing place where you can have yourself look fresh and beautiful. There are varieties of services that this spa offers their customer like the following:

Manicure and Oriental Spa Pedicure

You can have both your hands and feet fingernails to be taken care of the experts. They will soak your hand to softening substance and they will apply a hand lotion so it is not only your fingernails that are taken care of but as well as your hands. They will make your fingernails clean and well-shaped.

Nail Care

Aside from creating designs for your nails you can also have fake nails that you can adore with the use of Acrylic nails. This is advisable to the person who is having a hard time growing their nails strong.


It is very essential for us to wax all the unwanted hair in our body to look clean. Nail & Club Spa can wax any part of your body beautifully.


You can have your eyebrow shape by threading and if you wish you can also remove your facial hair.

Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology

This is a good practice of relieving stress in our body. It is a soothing way to relax after a day’s work.

Facial Skin Care

You can also have your face cleanse, nourish and exfoliates. Wearing make-up all day makes our facial skin dry and with the right facial skin care, it will bring back to its youthful glow.

Eyelash Extension and other Services

Nail & Club Spa will never run out of services to offer. An eyelash extension is a fashion trend today. In fact, this has been used by the celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Lopez and many more. Nail & Club Spa can make it look real and can make it last for the whole week.

Basically, Nail & Club Spa is a one stop salon for you. This can be your second home where you could be pampered and served to the fullest. Embrace and love yourself!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shellac color

Exciting news Fanatics! On my last day in NYC I tweased (tweet teased) about a secret nail service I received. I randomly mentioned it here as well and now I can finally share it with you.

CND is launching a brand new product that will make you DIY manicurists seriously consider going back to the nail salon. It’s so amazingly different that if I didn’t write this blog I would be a regular customer and that’s saying a LOT. I’m proud to introduce you to Shellac™!

CND (Creative Nail Design), the leader in professional nail, hand and foot beauty, is proud to introduce the first hybrid nail color after nearly five years of development in its state-of-the-art laboratory. Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac™ Hybrid Nail Color! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes.

If long lasting wear and polish-like application don’t draw you in, the removal certainly will. Check out my experience with Shellac™ and learn more about this revolutionary product after the jump!

So here’s my story. A few weeks ago I spotted a post on the Nails Magazine Blog about this “Top Secret Nail Color” from CND and because I’m the curious type I asked CND’s Co-Founder Jan Arnold about it the first chance I got. Much to my surprise and utter delight, Jan offered to arrange a preview of what she was calling the “magic secret.”

Throughout the week I heard little hints about this top secret product. Things like “no smell” “long-lasting wear” “will get women back in the salon” etc. Being a long time DIY girl you can imagine how the skeptic in me reacted to that last statement. I RARELY receive a salon manicure that wows me enough to go back, what could possible be so magical I’d even consider doing it on the regular?

Thoughts ran through my mind such as, “Is this just another soak-off gel polish?” I mean, big whoop! Been there, bitched about the removal. Besides, would Jan really be all secretive and excited over a product that’s already on the market? If not gel then what kind of traditional polish could guarantee long lasting wear? We’ve all heard those claims before. Could she be planning a rival to Minx that actually lasts? That doesn’t have a chemical smell. Well, when I finally got to the CND Suite to meet Roxanne Valinoti for my super secret magic service all my questions were put to bed.

Shellac™ truly is a hybrid of traditional nail polish and UV gel polish. Unlike soak-off gels it comes in a polish bottle and unlike traditional polish it cures/dries under a UV lamp. Though what I really liked is there is NO BUFFING. There is absolutely no damage to the natural nail in the process. So how does it work?

Shellac paints on like polish – base coat, color, top coat – and is cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time. The colors are hypo-allergenic, and “3-Free” – no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. Shellac will launch in a range of 12 varieties of shades, from pretty French pinks and whites, to siren red and rich darks. The formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping, even during the most rigorous activities.