Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nail Club and Spa - MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION! - Bigger , more beautiful Salon !

We are proud to announce, due to our remarkable growth and you, we are opening up a new location.  Our friendly staff will continue to offer the expert and personalized
services you have come to expect at a new location and in the same neighborhood.
With our larger space, we will be able to offer an even larger selection of personalized services in a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 
To celebrate, we will be offering Grand Opening Specials! –Up to 50% Off of selective services!
Please visit our website for up-to date news and information: 
We look forward to seeing you.
820 Simms Street, Suite #1, Lakewood, 80401.
8TH & Simms St,  Next to the 7-Eleven, 
(303) 980-1141

Friday, September 12, 2014

Skin Care in Colorado

Skin Care at Denver Colorado

I read this somewhere, though I can’t remember where “there is no ugly person, only lazy ones”. This makes me smile and say hell, yeah! Do you agree with the statement?

Our skin is what covers our entire being. It is the first thing that people see. It will represent what kind of person you are. If you have a dirty skin, then people will easily judge you as careless individual and a messy one. A vibrant skin will give you a lot of positive impression.

Taking care of our skin is not a vanity. It is our duty to ourselves. God has all given us a smooth and blemish free skin. It is up to us on how we take care of it and taking care of the gift is the act of gratitude.

If you don’t have the liberty to go to spa to have a full skin care, at least have a facial skin care. Your face is the most important part of our body. When your face is smooth and fresh, you are beautiful.

Skin care is not really expensive and time consuming. In fact, you can incorporate it in your daily activities and it starts from the moment you wake up.

·         Open your eyes and smile to greet the day good morning. Smiling can reduce wrinkles.
·         Drink a glass of water to rehydrate. Water makes your skin, hair and body healthy.
·         Wash your face with water.

I can’t go on with the list for they are way too many but I will leave you with these three that you can do for at least 1-3 minutes without exerting too much effort and without spending money.

Even if these steps are too easy, many people are not doing these routine because they are not use to it. So, it is a matter of habit, make it a habit and don’t be too lazy. It is your skin and it is for your own benefits.

Skin Care at Nail Club & Spa

One of Nail Club & Spa excellent services is facial skin care. They are expert in bringing back your youthful glow. If you have skin care problems like acne consider it solve because this spa knows what to do to clear it for you. Nail Club and Spa only uses facial products that 100% all natural so it is safe for your skin, no matter how sensitive it is. It is located at Denver, Colorado and those who lives nearby is very lucky for they can drop by any minute and for those who are planning to visit the city, this is one of the place to try. They have European facial, regular facial and deluxe facial.

Take care of your skin. No one will do it for you. A vibrant skin will bring you luck. It will make you feel good, it will set you into a good mood, it will bring you confidence and it will bring you success in life.