Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nail Club and Spa - MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION! - Bigger , more beautiful Salon !

We are proud to announce, due to our remarkable growth and you, we are opening up a new location.  Our friendly staff will continue to offer the expert and personalized
services you have come to expect at a new location and in the same neighborhood.
With our larger space, we will be able to offer an even larger selection of personalized services in a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 
To celebrate, we will be offering Grand Opening Specials! –Up to 50% Off of selective services!
Please visit our website for up-to date news and information: 
We look forward to seeing you.
820 Simms Street, Suite #1, Lakewood, 80401.
8TH & Simms St,  Next to the 7-Eleven, 
(303) 980-1141

Friday, September 12, 2014

Skin Care in Colorado

Skin Care at Denver Colorado

I read this somewhere, though I can’t remember where “there is no ugly person, only lazy ones”. This makes me smile and say hell, yeah! Do you agree with the statement?

Our skin is what covers our entire being. It is the first thing that people see. It will represent what kind of person you are. If you have a dirty skin, then people will easily judge you as careless individual and a messy one. A vibrant skin will give you a lot of positive impression.

Taking care of our skin is not a vanity. It is our duty to ourselves. God has all given us a smooth and blemish free skin. It is up to us on how we take care of it and taking care of the gift is the act of gratitude.

If you don’t have the liberty to go to spa to have a full skin care, at least have a facial skin care. Your face is the most important part of our body. When your face is smooth and fresh, you are beautiful.

Skin care is not really expensive and time consuming. In fact, you can incorporate it in your daily activities and it starts from the moment you wake up.

·         Open your eyes and smile to greet the day good morning. Smiling can reduce wrinkles.
·         Drink a glass of water to rehydrate. Water makes your skin, hair and body healthy.
·         Wash your face with water.

I can’t go on with the list for they are way too many but I will leave you with these three that you can do for at least 1-3 minutes without exerting too much effort and without spending money.

Even if these steps are too easy, many people are not doing these routine because they are not use to it. So, it is a matter of habit, make it a habit and don’t be too lazy. It is your skin and it is for your own benefits.

Skin Care at Nail Club & Spa

One of Nail Club & Spa excellent services is facial skin care. They are expert in bringing back your youthful glow. If you have skin care problems like acne consider it solve because this spa knows what to do to clear it for you. Nail Club and Spa only uses facial products that 100% all natural so it is safe for your skin, no matter how sensitive it is. It is located at Denver, Colorado and those who lives nearby is very lucky for they can drop by any minute and for those who are planning to visit the city, this is one of the place to try. They have European facial, regular facial and deluxe facial.

Take care of your skin. No one will do it for you. A vibrant skin will bring you luck. It will make you feel good, it will set you into a good mood, it will bring you confidence and it will bring you success in life. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eyelash Extension in Colorado

Get Your Eyelash Extension in Colorado Anytime!

Nail Club & Spa is located at Lakewood Colorado thus you can have your eyelash extension in Colorado anytime!

Why do have to have an eyelash extension? Here are the reasons.

1.      Eyelash extension is semi-permanent means it is almost permanent. You will only have it once and you can wear it for months.
2.     Eyelash extension can save you from hassle of wearing it every morning. You not also need to curl it and to wear mascara, just wear it as it is.
3.     With eyelash extension, your beauty is consistent. You can always be beautiful with eyelash extension unlike with fake eyelashes, when you forgot to wear it, you can feel so ugly and people will surely notice.
4.     Eyelash extension looks authentic unlike eyelash extension which looks so fake. It has a natural feel because it is directly applied to your eyelashes and not to your eyelids.
5.     With eyelash extension, you can swim and you can take a bath without worrying that it will wear out.
6.     Eyelash extension is light that you can feel nothing at all.
7.     Eyelash extension can give you confident that your eyes look beautiful anytime and anywhere.

Nail Club & Spa offers Xtream lashes so you can have long, think and natural eyelashes every day.

Do have more reasons to share? Leave us a comment and tell us your story!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Waxing in Colorado

Waxing from Nail Club & Spa in Colorado

Waxing in Colorado is in demand because everyone is rooting to have a celebrity-like, flawless skin. Waxing is the trend now because shaving unwanted hair grows the hair faster and the new hair is sharp and thick while plucking takes time and hurt so much when done.

The benefit of waxing is that your unwanted hair will not go back quickly. It takes 2 to 8 weeks before you see hair re-growth and unlike shaving, it is soft and fine. 

Waxing in Colorado includes, eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. It includes any area you want your unwanted hair remove. The beauty of waxing is that when you do it regularly within several years, hair may not grow back or it may slow done its re-growth. 

Waxing is done by spreading a thin wax all over the area of your unwanted hair. Experts will use a paper strip or a cloth to press at the top of the waxed part and rip it out in a quick movement so it wouldn’t hurt in the direction where the hair grows. Unwanted hair is gone as well as your dead skin cell and the wax used leaving you with a soft and hair-free skin.

There are two types of waxing method, the hot wax and the soft wax. The soft wax will be applied directly to the skin. When the wax cool down, it will get hard that makes the removal easier and there is no need to use any other tool like cloth or paper strip. If you have sensitive skin, this method is for you.

Types of Waxing in Colorado

There are many types of waxing is available in Colorado and in Nail Club & Spa, it was performed by aesthetician or a licensed cosmetology so you do not have to worry because you are in the safe hands. These are the types of waxing that can be done in the spa:

-          Eyebrow waxing.
-          Hollywood/Brazilian & Bikini, Male genital waxing
-          Arm/underarm waxing
-          Chest waxing
-          Leg waxing
-          Back waxing
-          Foot waxing
-          Full waxing
-          And entire body wax.

If you have hair problems in the areas mention above, don’t hesitate to head up on spa and help them remove it for you. One of the reasons why waxing in Colorado is popular is because it doesn’t cost much. Here is our smooth body waxing prices.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nail Club & Spa Deals and Discounts

Save More at Nail Club & Spa!

Who says that being beautiful is expensive? Nail Club & Spa doesn’t only offers great services but also the best price ever! At Nail Club & Spa, you can be beautiful every day, all day and all night!

What Nail Club & Spa Offers?

It is a salon where you can experience the best care and the best results you never imagine in your life. You will be pleasantly surprise on how staff will treat you. Staff at the salon is not only expert in their field but they also possess manners that will make you feel like King & Queen. What the salon offers are the following.

Manicure & Oriental Spa Pedicure
Fingernails and hands are part of the body that should be treated well. Our hands is what we use every day so it needs a little pampering. Our fingernails need to look elegant as well since this is visible to the eye. We use our hands not only for work but to welcome other people too, through handshake. Nail Club & Spa will give you oriental spa plus standard manicure and pedicure.

Hair removal is a must and this is something you should be doing alone. If it is your first time at our salon, you can enjoy 5%. You can also use it at any services.

Do you want to remove the extra hair in your eyebrow and shape it to compliment your face without getting hurt? Then we offer threading for you. We will do it gently and nicely. If you bring your group with you, you can get another 5% credit.

Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology
We are not only concern about outside beauty but we will also make you feel good inside. Take care of your body and have your hand and feet massage as often as you can. If you refer a new customer to us, you can also get another 5% discount that you can use for this service.

Facial Skin Care
Your face is the most important part of your body, this is who you are and this is what represents you so it is important that also take time to have a facial skin care to have fresh face all the time. As a regular member to our spa, you can earn up to 10% discount. Just check our website and visit gift & special.
Eyelash Extension
I know you want this! Have pretty eyes for a long period of time with eyelash extension. Click here for more special gifts.

It is because you are special to us so we make it sure that you always have a reward from us. Visit our website from time to time to check our new offers. Our deals and discounts vary overtime so make it sure to check it first by calling us. Check our contact information at our page. Take advantage of our offers and you will surely have fun being beautiful. See you at the salon!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Mother’s Love

Last Sunday we celebrated “Mothers Day”. It is the day where the world pays tribute to the one who bring us out in this world, the one who suffer the pain of labor without regrets and that is after carrying us in her womb for 9 months with smile and without getting tired.

A one day celebration is not enough to show our love and gratitude to our mother who loves us unconditionally and endlessly. Our mom is the one who see to it that we are provided of our daily needs. Our mom is the one who taught us how to walk and speak.

She is our superhero who is always been there whenever we need her even if we are not asking her to do so. How can we repay her love? Love can only repaid by love. Love her the way she loves you. Provide all the needs she needs, teach her the new things she didn't know and make her experience the best of life.

When you are young she sacrificed herself. She thinks of your needs first more than hers. Now, she’s old and she’s tired. What can you offer her is to relax and stop being a mom for one day. For once, let her think about herself and her happiness. Give her what she wants. It is more than she deserves.

Let her sleep in a relaxing ambiance of spa while the professionals do her thing with her and let her wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful. This is one thing that you can do and there is a lot more!
What about a hug? Give her a tight hug and let your body say the words of thanks and love. Let your hug tell her that she can now depend on you and that you will be always here for her. Smile. Give her the sweetest smile and kiss her. I’m sure tear will fall down from her face because the message is clear with her. It is just like saying I’m grateful that you are my mother, I adore you and I respect you. Why not speak the words itself? Say, “I love you mom!”. It is the best music in her ear.

This things are very powerful though a little cheesy but so cheap and cannot replace by any expensive gifts.

Your time is another gift you can give to her. Just sit beside her, sip tea together and listen to her stories. Laugh your hearts out, it is the best memory she will always recall.

We only have one mother in this world, do this before it is too late. She will not always be here for us so cherish her. This is not only for biological moms but it goes as well to all the people who act like mom to you and I’m sure there is always one.

Belated Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the world. Know that you are loved! Cheers to the wonderful life of motherhood. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology in Colorado

Hand and Feet Massage - Perfect for Spring Time

Its spring time in Colorado and this is the perfect season for outdoor fun and activities. It grows a little warmer each day until and this weather will last until May before summer comes. This is the season when people go out and go the park, museums, and zoos. People love to go hiking too!

April and May are the months where wildflowers spread their petals and it is quite a sight! That is why Colorado wildflower hike is one of the most placid adventures during summer and spring time. The Colorado alpine meadows are where the most colorful and vibrant flowers can be seen.

Colorado Springs

After all these activities, your spirit is high and you will feel refresh within you. However, your feet are surely sore because of the hike. To complete your relaxing day, you can have your hand and feet massage in Colorado.

This will add up to a wonderful feeling you are already having, especially the hand and feet massage with reflexology.

What is Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology?

What is Hand and Feet Massage
This is a massage therapy that will release all the stress in your body. What is good about this is that by massaging your hand and feet, you already have your entire body massaged. It is because there is a certain point in our hand and body that is equivalent to certain glands, organs and the other parts of our body.

Hand andfeet massage not only relaxes your body but it also treats your digestive, menstrual and hormonal problems as well as sleeping disorder.

Our feet is the most abused part of our body, it is also the most neglected one. Have it massage and feel the difference afterwards.

Enjoy the spring time!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nail Care in Colorado: An Excellent Valentine Treat!

Treat Yourself this Valentine with Nail Care in Colorado Spa

Valentines is the most awaited event after New Year. This is the day of heart where everybody seems to be in love but this is also the saddest day for single man and lady. Why? It is because they have no dates. It is seems like a torture when there are flowers everywhere, sweet music, candle dinners and sweet hugs and kisses while you are there in your room all alone.

Many people have a wrong impression about Valentines. This is the celebration of the heart and celebration of love. It is not for couples only, when there is love there is a Valentine. If you love yourself, date yourself. There is nothing wrong with being alone in this special day and there is nothing wrong to celebrate it yourself.

Have your fingernails and toes taken care of at Nail Club & Spa in Colorado. Treat it as a gift to yourself because you love yourself. Before anybody can love you, you have to show them that you love yourself first. How can anyone love you if you can’t do it yourself? So there, have your nails manicured and pamper yourself this very day.

Treating yourself will take away all the negative emotions that are starting to accumulate as the day of Valentines is coming. Manicured nails can bring happiness and joy to your heart. You will feel pretty and you will not feel insecure at all. Maybe when you go out of the salon with smiling face, someone get notice you and voila you have a date ;-)

Positive feelings bring positive energy and all beautiful things are positive. Do not despair and don’t be sad. Nobody cares if you are miserable, that’s the hard truth so therefore, don’t be. But happiness is contagious and people love happy people.

After having a nail care, you can go out and shop for a dress or a shoes. You can watch movie or you can go to the grocery and pick something to cook for dinner. Afterwards, invite all your single friends or invite your family to dine in with you.

It is just a one day event but you can make it memorable even if you are single. You don’t have to celebrate it alone. For sure, you have single friends too and if you haven’t, you have your family to celebrate with you.

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Let’s celebrate! Raise your glass! Cheers!