Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Waxing in Colorado

Waxing from Nail Club & Spa in Colorado

Waxing in Colorado is in demand because everyone is rooting to have a celebrity-like, flawless skin. Waxing is the trend now because shaving unwanted hair grows the hair faster and the new hair is sharp and thick while plucking takes time and hurt so much when done.

The benefit of waxing is that your unwanted hair will not go back quickly. It takes 2 to 8 weeks before you see hair re-growth and unlike shaving, it is soft and fine. 

Waxing in Colorado includes, eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet. It includes any area you want your unwanted hair remove. The beauty of waxing is that when you do it regularly within several years, hair may not grow back or it may slow done its re-growth. 

Waxing is done by spreading a thin wax all over the area of your unwanted hair. Experts will use a paper strip or a cloth to press at the top of the waxed part and rip it out in a quick movement so it wouldn’t hurt in the direction where the hair grows. Unwanted hair is gone as well as your dead skin cell and the wax used leaving you with a soft and hair-free skin.

There are two types of waxing method, the hot wax and the soft wax. The soft wax will be applied directly to the skin. When the wax cool down, it will get hard that makes the removal easier and there is no need to use any other tool like cloth or paper strip. If you have sensitive skin, this method is for you.

Types of Waxing in Colorado

There are many types of waxing is available in Colorado and in Nail Club & Spa, it was performed by aesthetician or a licensed cosmetology so you do not have to worry because you are in the safe hands. These are the types of waxing that can be done in the spa:

-          Eyebrow waxing.
-          Hollywood/Brazilian & Bikini, Male genital waxing
-          Arm/underarm waxing
-          Chest waxing
-          Leg waxing
-          Back waxing
-          Foot waxing
-          Full waxing
-          And entire body wax.

If you have hair problems in the areas mention above, don’t hesitate to head up on spa and help them remove it for you. One of the reasons why waxing in Colorado is popular is because it doesn’t cost much. Here is our smooth body waxing prices.