Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Be a Great Looking Mom

When you are already a mother you have a lot of excuses not to look great. However, keeping this as a habit can lead into serious problem with your personality and later on with your life as a whole. 

Many mothers don’t have enough time to take care of themselves, some don’t have the money and others are just too lazy. Whatever your excuse is, looking great is something you owe, not only to the people around you but to your husband and children. You have an obligation to look as young looking as the first time your husband met you for him to fall in love with you every day. You have an obligation to show your children that you are happy taking care of them and you can balance everything. When they grow up, they will do the same.

Apart from these all, you owe it to yourself. You can think positively and be happy whenever you look great and you feel good about yourself.

3 Ways to Look Your Best Everyday 

 1. Hygiene.

Shower – start with a shower every day. It is a must for everyone. Taking a shower soothes your nerves and it awakens your senses. It will give you extra energy to start the day. The clean and fresh feeling will make you feel great about yourself and make others see you as a breath of fresh air.

Brush your teeth – it is the small things that some moms neglect especially if they have dishes to attend to and a child to take care of. However, it is not beautiful to have stained teeth and foul breathe. It only takes a minute, so do it!

Wash your face, shampoo and condition your hair – a clear face can be obtained through frequent washing. Do it when you wake up and before you go sleep. Facial skin care can help you looking radiant every day. Hair is a girl’s crowning glory…shampoo and conditioner can do wonders in making it manageable and flowing smoothly.

Shave your legs, bikini areas and underarms - it is not cool to be hairy everywhere. In fact, this is a big turn off. This may take some time in your schedule but you can do it weekly but if you don’t want to get bothered by it, wax it off. Go to the nearest salon and let the experts to the job. It will take some time to grow and will save you more time.

Take care of your nails – it is not because you are doing the laundry and the dishes means you don’t have the right to have a beautiful and well-manicured nails. You can wear globes whenever you do your household chores to protect your nails and also to always have smooth hands.

2. Wear a simple yet elegant hair.

It may hard to keep a long and shiny hair if your child keeps pulling your hair. Cut it short but cut it with a style. This way, it will easy to manage but you still look hot.

3. Dress out. 

It is not because you are at home you will not take time to choose what you wear. Choose something that you are comfortable and makes you move freely. Choose also the one with the cuts that compliments your body type. You can be a sexy and elegant mother even if you are at home doing your chores. You can still wear accessories, wear your earrings but avoid the dangling because your baby might pull it off.

There is nothing that’s keeping you from looking a fashionable and great looking mom. It is your choice and it is your right. You have plenty of time and it is only a matter of time management.

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