Wednesday, June 13, 2012


        There are so many hard to do job but, one of it is being a father. Father stands as the head of each family, we do a lot of decision making that can affect our children’s life today or in their future. Through the process we go to a lot of stress and headaches to solve the problems and decide what to do. Provider, another role as a head of the family and being a father is to provide – work for the needs of our children, for them to have the best future that we can give. Not only that, the father acts also as a friend and partner to his wife and see to it that he can have a fruitful harmonious relationship with her.
              These tough tasks as being a father they needed a day especially for them and it’s here, father’s day is here. With all the muscle pain they got from working six days a week and eight hours per day they need also to relax and be free from it. Headache and stress from pressure at work or problem at home that give them wrinkles in their faces.
            As the head of the family it’s really a tough job so, this father’s day they deserved a treat so if you’re thinking of a nice treat or gift for your father, as an appreciation for what he’s doing for the family at his special day. Give him a day off and bring him to the nail club spa. He might say that spa is just for women but it’s a big no, no. In nail club spa we offer services that can be enjoyed by men and women.

Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology

       Daddy deserved this treatment that you can catch up in nailclub spa. Have those muscles stressed especially our feet and hand that we used every day for our work. Stress and pressure that build up in your everyday routine in work or in home might result in over fatigue. This treatment will relieve the pain in your muscles and it will be relaxed. Reflexology is also known as your zone therapy it is done by putting some pressure to some area of your body to achieve a  relaxing and soothing effect on your body and relieve those muscle pains and let it relaxed.

Facial Skin Care

                   Being a busy Dad doesn’t give you the excuse of letting yourself to look like old and let that stress be seen on your face. Having that wrinkles on your face, getting all those dirt in the street stuck on your face ruining your youth looking face that your wife love so much. Don’t worry in nail club and spa facial skin care we will help you to make those go away. In the facial skin care we will clean your face make those blackheads and dead skin cells go away. Massage your face that can relax your facial muscles and stimulate your skin.

                With this treatment that Dad’s really deserved for all those hard work they do. Even just for their special day let this treatment speaks for us how much we appreciate, adore and love our father. This is just a small token to what they give for us. Make your Dad’s father’s day a remarkable one with these treatment and a simple words of thank you and how you love so much that will make their day whole.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Everybody is dreaming of being a princess and meeting their prince charming. This dream is fulfilled in our junior – senior prom events. In this special night we feel special everybody looks like a princess in their own right. And because this event is so special we should prepare for it in the most special way we can that will made us feel like a royalty and pamper like a princess waiting for our prince charming to come and swept us on our feet.

Make those crushes notice you and make them your prince or knight in shining armor. You can be the lady with the most tantalizing and expressive eyes that can captures our prince charming attention. Have the most glowing skin that can shine on with any gown you’re wearing. This is only once in a lifetime experience that must be treasured and unforgettable; a story that you can tell to your grandchildren what it feels to be a princess.

You can be the next prom queen for the night change yourself like Cinderella from being a hired help to being a princess with just a click of a wand. But you don’t need a fairy god mother to these changes in the nail cluband spa. We can turn you into a princess and pampered like a princess with our services that help you relax and feel beautiful.

Need to prepare and relax yourself for the big event, go to a spa? Have the treatment a princess deserves. When we say treatment we mean friendly people, first class customer services in very cheap prices that a true royal blood deserves.

What does it takes to be the prom queen?

Have the most tantalizing, expressive, and beautiful eyes your prince charming could ever see. The eyes that speak a thousand word with just one look. Without the hassle of putting mascara that can ruined you’re a makeup when you cry. See yourself everyday with the eyes of a princess with our services.


Glow and have an aura of a princess with the skin care make your face free from dead skins. Erase those blackheads in your face and have a new and glowing face. Relax the muscles in your face with the facial massage that stimulates the facial skin and facial muscles. This treatment will make your face look younger a baby face princess.


Remove those unwanted hair that can turn off your prince by our waxing services. Make that eyebrow in a perfect shape a princess must have that can give a very feminine look to anybody.


Have those nail painted and care at its best with our nail care services. Hold hands with your prince with that well nail polished nail and well taken cared hands with our nail care services which you can have a variety of different kinds of nail care services to choose from the nail club spa.

Experience all these services in a one stop shop at a very affordable price in the nail club and spa. Making you feel and experienced the treatment a princess deserved. And after these services done to you  not only the prom will be memorable but also the time you spent with us and the treatment that you will experience with us.