Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nail Club & Spa Deals and Discounts

Save More at Nail Club & Spa!

Who says that being beautiful is expensive? Nail Club & Spa doesn’t only offers great services but also the best price ever! At Nail Club & Spa, you can be beautiful every day, all day and all night!

What Nail Club & Spa Offers?

It is a salon where you can experience the best care and the best results you never imagine in your life. You will be pleasantly surprise on how staff will treat you. Staff at the salon is not only expert in their field but they also possess manners that will make you feel like King & Queen. What the salon offers are the following.

Manicure & Oriental Spa Pedicure
Fingernails and hands are part of the body that should be treated well. Our hands is what we use every day so it needs a little pampering. Our fingernails need to look elegant as well since this is visible to the eye. We use our hands not only for work but to welcome other people too, through handshake. Nail Club & Spa will give you oriental spa plus standard manicure and pedicure.

Hair removal is a must and this is something you should be doing alone. If it is your first time at our salon, you can enjoy 5%. You can also use it at any services.

Do you want to remove the extra hair in your eyebrow and shape it to compliment your face without getting hurt? Then we offer threading for you. We will do it gently and nicely. If you bring your group with you, you can get another 5% credit.

Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology
We are not only concern about outside beauty but we will also make you feel good inside. Take care of your body and have your hand and feet massage as often as you can. If you refer a new customer to us, you can also get another 5% discount that you can use for this service.

Facial Skin Care
Your face is the most important part of your body, this is who you are and this is what represents you so it is important that also take time to have a facial skin care to have fresh face all the time. As a regular member to our spa, you can earn up to 10% discount. Just check our website and visit gift & special.
Eyelash Extension
I know you want this! Have pretty eyes for a long period of time with eyelash extension. Click here for more special gifts.

It is because you are special to us so we make it sure that you always have a reward from us. Visit our website from time to time to check our new offers. Our deals and discounts vary overtime so make it sure to check it first by calling us. Check our contact information at our page. Take advantage of our offers and you will surely have fun being beautiful. See you at the salon!