Monday, August 26, 2013

The Bond

Have you ever had that feeling towards a certain person that he or she is so important and you treat each other as almost a sister or brother? It is like you have so many alike with each other although you are not blood related, or sometimes you are poles apart but you still value each other. These are the person that we call friends that we meet in trough out the journey in our life, they are given to teach us and be with us in this journey. This August is a friendship month and although it was celebrated last August 4, well it is better to be late than never.

Surely you might be thinking on how you can spend your time with your friends, while you are having a chitchat that we all know that we love to do. Like me and my friend we still celebrate this even though it’s late so what, it does not need to be on time as long as we had time to be together that what really matters.
One great thing that you can do together is go to spa and enjoy their services. I would recommend you the nailclub and spa they have lot of wide, affordable but high quality services that you and your friends can enjoy. Here are the lists of their famous services that you can enjoy.

You and your friend can enjoy their facial skin care that will leave you and your friends face with a younger and rejuvenated look. In this service they will cleanse your face and exfoliate the dead skin and make it look hydrated that will give the effect of younger and fresher looking facial skin.

Also try their manicure and pedicure services that will make your nails look fashionable and well-taken care off. In addition to this nail club and spa has a wide variety of nail care services which you and your friend can choose from. You can also choose it depend on your nail condition, whatever it is nail club and spa surely has the right service for your nail needs.

If you think that only girls can enjoy in spa you are wrong you and your buddy can feel great and relaxed after a workout with the nail club and spa hand and feet massage with reflexology. That has the benefits of giving you a better blood circulation and making you worn out muscles relax and recuperate from a tiring work.

Friends are everywhere but true friends are hard to find especially those people that are really like a sister or a brother to you. There never such thing as being late when it comes to the people that you value most what really matters is that you remember them and spend quality time with them. Here at the nail club and spa we also value friendship with our customer and treat them as one of the most important in our life. So, while our friends are still there let us make them feel how important they are and we appreciate their presence in our life, a bond that we hope that will last for a lifetime.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Different Facial Skin Types

Face is the first part of our body that any other people see, that is why we can consider it as one of the vital body part. The question is that are you taking your face skin correctly? How well do you know the needs of your face, when it comes in taking care of it? According to Helen Keller a deaf and blind activist and lecturer “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow“.That is how important face is it can give good perspective and opportunity in life.

Since, face is an important part of body in the nail club and spa we offer a facial skin care service but we still does this depends on your skin type. We give great consideration in the skin type you have. The question is that do you know your skin type? It is really essential to know the skin type you have in order for you to know the right treatment and nutrients it needs. If you do not know your skin type yet, here are the types of skin your face might have:


Hold your face does your skin feel like elastic and it easily adjust, and there are no traces of oil then you have this kind of skin type which is normal. This kind is usually has a good complexion and feels clean and smooth. For the normal skin it only needs a minimal care.


Using a paper you can put in your face and you will see a trace of oil on it.This kind of skin is considered as problematic skin since they easily can get pimples and pores. The good side of having an oily skin that it is not easily gets wrinkled and aging. You need to be careful in taking care of your face if you have this kind of skin.


This is the most problematic skins they easily get itchy and very dry. In order to take care this kind of skin you should be very careful because of it sensitivity you should really research about it or take professional opinion.


Skin type like this has the oily and dry characteristic of skin, which is all in the same face, in its different areas. Since, they are a combination of skin each face area should be taken care of differently.


If you feel like that your skin is peeling, tight and dry then certainly you had a dry skin. This easily gets prone to aging and irritation.

Facial skin care is essential that is why we offer it here in the nail club and spa. But making your face get the right attention and care is nail club and spa top priority. For us, giving you the best and the high quality services through our professional, well-knowledgeable, experts and friendly staff of the nail club and spa is the key so you can enjoy with us and with our service.

If you want to experience this kind of service all you have to do is go to the nail club and spa and look more beautiful and confident.