Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nail Club & Spa in Colorado

Most of people in Colorado are seeking on relaxation from head to toe. They search for the best therapy that suit on body needs and seasons. Therefore, hand and foot massage is one of the important things to do during the spring season. Massage can eliminate stress, and stimulate good blood circulation to the body. During spring season, most vessels are constricted so it affects the circulation of the blood to the body that leads to the risk of having diseases, disorders and stress. Take note that being stress can trigger your body to decrease appetite that causes you unhealthy, early aging, and sometimes lead to mental illness due to hormonal imbalances and deficiency. 

Now a day there’s a lot of ways that we can do to avoid that problem. We must take good care of our body, Nail Club and Spa will help to find what you are looking for. Don’t feel hopeless they are here to give what their customers need. Customer satisfaction is our priority. They make sure that the high quality service and professionalism is render to their beloved customer.

Common scene at Nail Club and Spa is like this:

One day customers (A) came and she greeted and thanks the attendant. A while ago she is in waiting area she approach the new customer (B) to talk and she says’’

Customer A
“Most of the time I go to this salon to make sure that everything goes on smoothly. Health is wealth I believe in this saying, so I never go to other salon, because I am satisfied on their service. Thirty to sixty minutes of hand and foot massage to complete is equivalent to one week relaxation for me. “

Customer B replies: Sounds great! What kind of massage.

And then they asked the Reflexologist..

They were told about the kind of massage they offer is called Reflexology, also known as Zone Therapy. The massage therapy performs massage through proper pressure that stimulates the glands, organs and other body parts. Different areas have their own specific organs that are being targeted that help to refresh our body into healthy and more functional mood. Reflexology helps to avoid human being in having major diseases, and can prolong life.

Customer A says: So it is really helpful.

Customer B: You’re right! Customer A,

Customer A and B:  Thank you.

Nail Club & Spa: You’re very welcome

Customer A says:

   “The massage therapist at Nail Club & Spa is very friendly, easy to approach and very professional on what we are doing. I love the environment too, so I recommended the Nail Club & Spa to all my friends in Colorado.  Because of that salon, I have nothing to worry during the spring season I can be there anytime and can feel relax for a long time.”
 My health is secured from their warmth and professional hand. I can sleep well, my appetite is better now, I feel that I can do my chores without feeling of tiredness and the most important thing is no muscle pain, Thanks to Nail Club & Spa.
 Before,  without knowing this salon I am worried because I don’t know what to do during the spring season my muscles are aching, I can’t work because I feel not good, I’m easily tired and I want to stay at home I can’t socialize to other people.
 The Nail & Spa brings changes to me. Now I can able to do socializing, I can take good care of myself more, I am happy. “

Customer B says:

“One thing I admire at Nail Club & Spa is that they are not just doing massage, but they also educate us of what we need to know through simple talk, they can give advice and tips to do. Explain the procedure to the clients if necessary. As a customer you can feel the sincerity of their heart to what they are doing. Colorado loves the Nail Club and Spa.”

Nail Cluband Spa is designed for people who are seeking high quality service and professionalism. They offered wide warmth hand to give the customer satisfaction. Without customers, The Nail Club & Spa doesn’t exist!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tribute to Women

        Women are everywhere but it doesn't mean that we will take them for granted. No matter what kind of field you are, surely there is a woman in that field. This is just a proof that women can excel in many fields whatever kind it is. This really evidence to the theme of this year’s woman month -Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 
        In this month we celebrate women month in the whole world and that is to honor, our mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, girlfriend and wife. If not to them we will not be here in this world. As one those women I know that we play different role in our lives. Making a change making it better for our home and fields that we are in to develop it a get result. Comparing the role of us before and today we can say that we really improves well although there are still some cases of abuse in women but at times now women are empowered. We know our rights and can have our own careers.

      Although women’s month is celebrated last March 8, 2013 we can still celebrate it the whole month. If you are not yet celebrate it with those special women in your life, here is a tip that will surely make them feel special. Bring them to the nail club and spa. Still wondering why here are some of the reason.

Hand and foot massage. There is a hand and foot massage that` will give those special women it maybe your aunt or mother a nice massage. That will ease their tiredness because of the un-ending household chores.

Eyelash extension. Keep your sisters more beautiful with the nail club and spa eyelash extension that will give her a Hollywood star look.

Nail care. Have their nails taken care of with the spas wide variety of nail care services.

Facial Skin Care. Refresh their faces with this skin service from the nail club and spa. This service will make their face look younger and fresher. Removing the dead skin cell and rejuvenating the face skin.

Threading. Scared when your mother frown at you with their  bushy eye browse then treat her to the spa’s threading service so next time she will frown at you all you can see in her is her beautiful and artistic eyebrow that will not get you nervous by it.

         Nail club and spa is truly a paradise for women like us, the people are so friendly and accommodating that you will feel that you are just like in your own home and the best of all is that the price is so affordable.

       Women are created from a man that makes them more special. Even if it not March or Women’s month we should treat women special and of course with respect in all time and day. And it would be great if you can tell them and show them how special and important they are in your life. Be proud that you are women because being a women simply makes you special!