Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Make your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Looking your best each day is a must because your appearance is the representation of yourself and if the picture you are showing is unpleasant to the eyes, the tendency is people will look down on you, judge you and laugh at you. Well, these people don't matter. Right! What matter are the people who love you and know you better, that is also correct. However, that is not an excuse to be lazy of taking care of yourself. This is especially if you are holding a high position in the company where people are looking on you every day.

Bring out the best in you, in personality, in attitude and in appearance. Do this not for other people but for yourself. Do you remember the feeling when you have a long day and finally taken a shower? You feel great about yourself right? You forget your tiredness and being clean sets you in the good mood. This is the feeling we get every time we groom ourselves and every time we are at our best.

Part of grooming yourself is to check that your face is totally made up. One of the biggest factor to check is your eyes. Are they made up already?

Eyelash Extension is a necessity today. This is important mostly to the people who are always on the go but need to fix themselves. Having an eyelash extension makes you halfway done with your make up. In fact, having it made you up already. Eyelash extensions is so dramatic that you don't need to wear more make up. Now you can throw your mascara and your eyelash curler on the garbage can for you don't need them anymore.

How to take care of your eyelash extension?

Go light. Before you get your extensions, ask your lash specialist about the type of lashes you will be getting. If possible ask for a lighter lashes because the heavy the lashes are the more it will fall out easily. Try Xtream lashes, you will feel nothing at all. It is light but long and thick enough to give your eyes a mesmerizing look.

Sleep at your back. This is a must if your lashes are just newly implanted. It takes time to dry so always sleep at your back for at least 2 days or if possible every day. This will keep your lashes intact.

Don't put heavy cream at night. If you can't help it,try to avoid the circle of your eye so your lashes won't stick on your cream. 

Put some oil. Though you must avoid heavy cream at night, you can have a drop of oil in the morning in your lashes and gently rub it with your finger. This will keep your lashes from sticking together and it will give it a shiny and fresh look.

Use wipes in putting off make up. Be gentle and use wipes when you are removing your make up in the eye like eyeliner (in fact, you don't need to put this) and eye shadow. Beware of using cotton because it will stick in your lashes and you will find it hard to remove without ruining your extensions.

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