Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Pressure that Helps!

Every people when they hear the word “pressure” relates it to annoying and relates it next to stress. But, let me give you the kind of pressure that will leave your and let your body relax and release stress. Getting those eyebrows a little bit asking what I am talking about then let me tell you what “pressure" I am talking about.

Have you heard the word reflexology or massage at least surely it is and it is not as if I am talking alien language here? Many of us know that reflexology is a type of massage and it is not a secret that massage help us relax more and release the stress we had in our body. Concentrating in reflexology when we say reflexology it is the type of massage that used pressure the kind of pressure that I am telling that can release your stress and make you relax. It is done to a certain parts of body to give a beneficial effect to its other parts. In these we can say that our body parts are really connected to each and other part and internal organs. Reflexology is first practice in China but now you can avail it in just near you at the nail club and spa
The most tired and used muscles in our body are our hand and feet but we cannot function well without it I bet you will agree to that. Our feet carry all of our body weight whenever we just walk the hand do all the activities that we need to do. Don’t you think they need a little break or a little pampering sort of taking care for them for our benefits? I am talking about the nail club and spa hand and feet massage here. Let us be thankful that there is this kind of salon and spa like the nail club and spa that offers not only this kind of spa that is not just a pampering to our self but also beneficial for our health.

Like what I said before stress are everywhere could it just simple disappointment in being late or not enough time to do a certain activity that you want to do. It can be a small at first but stress can be accumulated and may cause a health disorders or diseases. Hand and feet massage may just take 30-60 minutes depends on the kind of massage you want to complete. In the nail club and spa there is a map of feet and hand where you can see in what part in it affect the other body parts. The general benefits of having or experiencing the hand and feet massage is the improvement in blood circulation pain relief due to long hour of driving or walk and other daily activities that we do.

This time we are really fortunate that we had this kind of beneficial massage to ease and help our body in addition it is just beyond our reach in nail club and spa. Our hand s and feet play a major part in our life, in our daily activities so it is a must that we should know how to take care of it and it is just good to know that having a hand and feet massage won’t just for them but affect our whole body.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You’re Choice Your Nail

Nail Club and spa, won’t be nail club and spa if we give you a second class quality when it comes into your nail care services. But have it ever cross your mind how nail care started and where it came from. According to the history of nail care having a nail care started in 19th century and it is a part of being an aristocrat and a symbol of status in the society. Also in this times there are specific color where only the high rankings like queens that can use that certain color. Now a day’s nail care is affordable and open to all and you can choose whatever color, design or even nail style you want. Take a look at the nail club and spa nail care services that we can offer you.

·        The French Manicure surely everybody knows about it the simple yet very popular to all it originates in Paris and can be distinguish by its natural looking style on your nails.

·        American Manicure  is the softer “French manicure ” and it look more simpler

·        Air Brush Design it is called the breakthrough of the nail art or we can call this a personalized nail where women can really choose the design they want for their nails.

·       Hand Painted Design came from its name the design is made by hand and can be use for nail care needs.

Sometime even the designs are available it is our nails that are not good for it. Some people have problems growing their nails long or their nail are brittle and don’t have a good edges for them to have the designs. But don’t worry the nail club and spa have a solution for that.

Ø Acrylic nails- also known as fake nails and can give a long and fashionable nails in an instant.

Ø Gel Nail –a natural looking enhancement to protect the edge of your nails as it grows out.

Ø China Silk it is the artificial solution to protect your nails from breaking away and it provide natural look for your nails.

If nails will be a status symbol until now maybe all of us through nail club and spa can be a queen because of their unique and noticeable designs. Even though nails are considered dead cell it still needs to be taken care off since it protect the inner part of our fingers but, why just stop in just taking care of it when you can give it a life that can be known for who you are.