Sunday, February 12, 2012

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary! 2002 -2012

This year Nail Club & Spa celebrates its 10th Anniversary. Thinking of it makes me smile, how times quickly passes by and now we are on our 10th year. Amazing! February is a very special month for me, not only that this is the month where we celebrate Valentines Day but also this is the month Nail Club & Spa was founded said the owner.

According to the owner, he often reminisces about the beginning of the salon where it was only just a family business with only a couple of people working as full time and some are only part-timers. The only focus of their salon way back then was about nail services. He said that he witnesses how the people appreciate their service and with that they become dedicated in giving more services. Now, the salon becomes one of the most popular salons not only in the area but in Colorado as well.

The salon already has 10 stylists working as full time to keep up with the demands from customers who come from different places. Their services from spa pedicure-manicure now include waxing, threading, skin care and eyelash extension. The salon tends to be more luxurious and more like full service spa salon than just a nail salon.

Nail Club and Salon started from a humble beginning. They first started to operate in an empty space in broken shopping center and the people’s impression usually sounds like this.

“Is there really a well known salon in here? How can they have customers in this location?”

But once they become experience its service their thoughts about the place changed and they said to themselves this is "hidden gem” or "secret place for beauty".

One of the customers’ testimonials goes like this…

“Let’s give credit to the couple; they work hard from day one, from the moment they found this place. I couldn't imagine how hard it was for both of them when they offered nails service only for local customers. They both worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week to serve their customers”

“Their policy was very clear and simple: serve others as the way you want to be served, keep up with all regulations and keep salon as clean, sanitized as possible. That simple policy for me is the root of their strong foundation. To be honest, the young couple is cultured of respecting older people that makes them win heart and soul of many seniors in area: They open the door, hang on the coat, serve the warm water in winter and put the shoes off for customers. These simple actions bring many customers closer to the salon as family members like me.”

Few years later the salon grew to 5 people working slowly but steady add more services like waxing and facial care, among others.

The real change started about 5 years later when Lisa Nguyen the well known stylist came from California join the staff.

Over 16 years in the beauty career, Lisa Nguyen had been served numbers of high profile customers in LA area California.

She is very skilled stylist, she started shaping eyebrow at very young age and she’s been performing eyelash extensions over 10 years. Her talent is not limited to that; she also does facial, skin care and waxing.

If you are a Colorado local you have probably heard of Lisa Nguyen, the eyelash extension girl, She is one of the to eyelash extension stylists in nation.

Along with many eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading customers flow in, the waxing customers increase dramatically.

Nail Club and Spa is probably the busiest salon in area for eyelash extensions, facial & eyebrow threading and waxing services. If you are thinking that they only serve ladies, you are wrong! Gentlemen are also fond of this place. They love having their manicure, pedicure and also waxing done here.

The salon has gone through remodeling and improving the quality of products, they are aiming for nothing but the best!

Looking back in April, 2010, the salon became one of the first salons offered Shellac & Gelish colors. This year, 2012, once again they are the first salon who installed Sanismart Jet system for all spa chairs; they use disposable liner on each pedicure. That is considered a big improvement in terms of sanitation, no more worries about bacteria on unclean pedicure tub.

Professionally, Nail Club & Spa enjoys continued success through the support of their customers, the hard work and dedication of its employees. They have done great things together over the last ten years.

Some other notable milestones for Nail Club & Spa include incremental improvements to their services. They are now one of the top salons in Colorado. They commit to continue offering great services to their customers at affordable prices.

The owner expresses his gratitude to all of our customers who have been going along with them in last 10 years. His final words are “we commit to serve you years to come”.