Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fabulous Beauty for Holidays

It's here! Christmas is here  every little thing screams that it’s holidays the ambiance , busy people, shopping, gift wrapping  left and right parties. Everyone getting generous receiving their bonus and sharing it to others, love ones – family,relative, and friends or a special someone. Well Christmas is really about sharing and giving.

Mostly at these times we are too busy that we forget how we look like, especially for our mothers or aunt’s because they are the one in-charge in kitchen and entertaining the visitors. Here are some tips that you can do before Christmas day reach so you can look beautiful  this holiday.

There is just one thing that I can really recommend you where you can go and feel beautiful and they can make you fabulously beautiful. The secret is the nail club and spa imagine it’s like going to a one-stop shop. What you can have from the nail club and spa?

These are the answer!

Ø  Eyelash Extension

Keep your eyes beautiful without  spending too much in front of the mirror and getting worried that it might get lost or remove like what can happen on false eyelashes. With the nail club and spa eyelash extension you can have beautiful, expressive eyes just what big time and caliber actress has.Simple eyes yet can give you the satisfaction of being beautiful  and confidence that no matter how sweat you are your eyes are still sparkling and expressive without too much effort.

Ø  Nail Care

Christmas is not complete if there is no shining glittering and splendid things.So, why not let your nails shine and glow while you are having a hand shake with your office mate on a party or welcoming a guest. Let their attention caught by your fabulous and artistic nails that you can get from the nail club and spa. We make sure that no matter what kind of nails you have the nail club and spa can make it glow.

Ø  Facial Skin Care

Don’t let the holiday rush give your face a frown lines and stress you .Treat yourself at the nail club and spa with our facial skin care. Removing the dead skin cell dirt and giving your face a glowing and younger look. How does it works? It cleans your face skin deep removing dirt's and rejuvenates your skin to make you look fresh and young.If you want to hear from those old friends to tell “oh, you still look young as before, you never get old”, facial skin care from the nail club and spa is the solution.

Ø  Threading
Have that outgrown hair eyebrows  that make your face look more masculine or a snob don’t worry nail club and spa has a solution for that. We call it threading it is a method of hair removal using a 100% cotton thread. It will soften your face features and make you look more feminine and can give you angelic look on your face.And it does not use any chemical the estheticians here in the nail club and spa practiced this technique for years that you are well assured that they are good in their crafts before they gone here in United States.

                Christmas really a festive time for every people spending this day with family, friends or special someone will really make the day more special. But being fabulously beautiful for the day will not only make the holiday special but extravagantly memorable for you. Looking good and feeling good about yourself for holiday is the best gift you can give and receive this Christmas.A smile on your face will just make it more perfect.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

History Of Eyelash Extension

I have been writing for a while and discussing about eyelash extension and how it can help and enhance your eye’s look but did it ever occur to you where did it started? Maybe this is the time that I enlighten all of us where does eyelash extension starts.

Since eyelash extension is one of the greatest services you can get from Nail club and spa and the answer to your dilemma when it comes to your eye problems of having an expressive and A-star looks let us explore where it really comes from.

Eyelash extension is enhancement designed to add length, thickness and fullness to the eyes just like hair extension.It was invented in 1916 and the reason is that because a director name D.W. Griffith of the movie Intolerance wants an actress Seena Owen to have a kind of eyelashes that reaches its cheeks.It was first made from human hair in 2004 the Koreans develop it and open the applying or usage of false eyelashes  that was first launch in Vietnam.
There are types of eyelash extensions, one is the temporary false eyelashes which are worn for just a short period of time, they can be made by human hair or synthetic. Trivia the highest quality synthetic is Keraspecific Fibre but this type cannot be worn if you will be going swimming or if it will be get wet. Don’t worry there is what we have now in Nail Club and Spa the semi-permanent eyelash extension that you can wear 24/7 even under water, shower or swimming.

This is a new fashion trend in USA at Nail Club spa they don’t just offer a eyelash extension but the Xtream lashes it serves you from wearing mascara and give you a long-lasting effect that just what A-list star possess. Eyelash Extensions are the hot new rage. Eyelash Extensions not only emphasize the shape of the eye, but also create beautiful captivating eyes with longer, darker, thicker, and very natural looking eyelashes. Lash Extensions are applied individually by hand to each of your own lashes for a totally natural look. The Lash Extensions feel both painless and weightless. They last up to several months. No need for mascara or eye lash curler. They are safe in the shower and swimming pool. They look so natural no one will know they are not yours!

Truly sometimes simple things lead to more discoveries of things that can help us look more beautiful things. Just like the eyelash extension discovery maybe it was discovered to help women and give them a beautiful change that you can with the help of Nail Club and spa that always had the right person to help you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Girls, it’s Holiday!

Time really flies and we cannot really notice it but holiday season is just around the corner. We are all be getting busy for all those parties and shopping and house decorations to make before holiday caught us. This is the time that many people are waiting for, Christmas and holidays! All of us are getting busy with gatherings, reunions, get together and of course parties. Christmas and holiday is more about having fun and relaxation.

Oh, well since this is all about giving don’t forget to give yourself a reward for the holiday and get ready for all those party and gatherings. Treat yourself to the nail club and spa; I assure you that you will get the best reward for yourself this holiday. If you’re still thinking a gift for a friend, relative or for your mother, a treat from the nail club and spa is a great idea. Well, I also suggest you include this in your wish list for the holidays.

What you and your friends and relatives can enjoy at the Nail Club and Spa? Here are the top reasons to enjoy the nail club and spa.

1.       EYELASH EXTENSION SERVICE – Thinking of using those false eyelashes for a party? Well you better try the latest aesthetic trend for your eyes that give you full expressive eyes that the A-list star uses, unlike false eyelashes having eyelash extension give you semi-permanent expressive eyes that will surely get you always on the go. And when we say permanent it means 24/7 and doesn’t mess up with water or sweat. Think of those hours that you will spend in the mirror eyelash extension from the nail club and spa will save from those dilemmas and yet you still have those great eyes round the clock.

2.        NAIL CARE – Holidays are usually or always be shiny glittery and colorful. That is what the nail club and spa can do with your nails with their nail care services.  Manicure and pedicure, nail club and spa are known for these services and take note they offer different service and style for it. So, no matter what your nail situation is nail club and spa has the solution to your problem. Want to experience the best and the latest in style for your nails? You know where to go.

3.       THREADING –Keep those eyebrows in place by threading those outgrown part with the help of threading from the friendly and professional staff of the nail club and spa. It will lessen that frown and snob look on your face, giving you more feminine and welcoming aura look for holidays.

4.       FACIAL SKIN CARE SERVICES - We should not forget our face. Get the fresh look! How? Simple go to the nail club and spa ask about their facial skin care service that can give you young youthful face and rejuvenates your face getting free from dirt and black heads and exfoliates dead skin. Giving your face a nice looking skin.

5.       WAXING SERVICES- Having problems with those unwanted hair in your body the answer to that is waxing. There are lots of different kinds of waxing that depends on what part of your body hair you want to remove. Don’t worry whatever body part it is nail club and spa offers it all to you, giving your skin a flawless look.

6.       HAND AND FEET MASSAGE SERVICES- Holidays are nonstop work and going out meaning body pain and body aches are just also around the corner. The answer to that is have a hand and feet massage to make those muscles rest and relax giving your body a nice and stress free feeling don’t go anywhere it is all here in the nail club and spa.

Getting ready for holiday is really a fussy work but it is worth it when you see those happy smiles in your friends or love ones face as they appreciate what you have done. These services that you can have can also be good gift for those special people in your life or for yourself. Remember what matter most is that you are with your family in this holiday and you enjoy yourself.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Science of Beauty

We all know that all of us are not perfect. Each and every one of us has our own insecurity and imperfection. But when it comes to beauty many science study can help us improve ourselves not to be perfect but to be more confident to our self and face the world with our dignity and confidence.

The some problems that I will discuss are like lacking of growing of hair specifically the eyelashes for women like me, having long and curly eyelashes is an asset. It makes our eyes more expressive and pleasant to look at but don’t worry if you are not gifted to have that long and curly eyelashes. Wait I will not suggest false eyelashes but something that is developed to give you longer and dependable eyelashes. It is called the eyelash extension developed to enhance and add beauty to your eyes and it gives it an A-list star look that will you can depend 24/7. That result for you to spend less in front of the mirror just to have that expressive eyes that you want to achieve. Nail Club and spa offer this service and they are one of the best in making the process.

The next usual beauty problem is the overgrown of body parts that can make you look like an ape or a man. In this problem we discover the waxing process, waxing is the process of removing excess hair in the part you wanted to remove it. There is a definite called of waxing process that depends on the part of the body that you wanted to be wax. In the nail club and spa they offer more than three kinds of waxing and they have the best and knowledgeable staff to do the process for you.

Have you checked your eyebrow is it still in its perfect shape? Or is it like a vine that goes out to any direction the science beauty solution to that is the threading it will make your face look more feminine and make those overgrown eyebrow in place and beautiful.

Getting hard muscles on your feet and hands well that is the result of too much walking and hand works in our everyday activity too much work out of muscles may result in ugly and unpleasant contour of our feet and hands. Once in a while indulge yourself in a hand and feet reflexology from the nail club and spa. Aside from having the good reflex for your hands and feet that may it feel more relax enjoy the company and customer-service oriented staff to assist you while having the service.

Kill those black heads and minimize those pores and remove those dead skin cells from your face revealing its youthful and young looking skin that is free from stress and dirt. Facial skin care from nail club and spa does it all that will give you a rejuvenating look and fresh face.

Well nail club and spa cannot be called nail club and spa if we don’t have the best service for your nails and toes. It doesn't matter what your nail situation is nail club and spa have right service for your nails. Try the nail club and spa manicure and oriental spa pedicure or nail care that we offer with a lot of variety that will look good and fashionable for your nails.

This is just some of so many science solutions to make us feel beautiful and confident on our self. But, remember beauty is how we think and carry ourselves and this is just a helping hand to enhance our self and solve our problems that will make us feel more comfortable about how we look to other and they look to us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to turn the Witch to a be-witching Beauty

Halloween is coming and I know everyone is busy looking for what costume should they wear for they Halloween party. Let me just give you some facts and trivia about Halloween we all know that it was celebrated on the eve of October 31 every year but the word Halloween was first used in 16th century the word itself came from its meaning the eve before the Hallows day. Its first variant is the Scottish. Now a days we celebrate it as a costume party that is usually scary like ghost or something that we think does not exist as we thought.

Kids are usually making the trick-or-treat activity wearing their costumes and holding their candy basket. When Halloween is coming the first thing that is entering my mind are witches. In my childhood days I usually wear a witch costume but what I hate about it is that it is always associated as bad character and then because I am a fan of fairy tales I discover that not all witches are bad or harmful. There are some that do goods like the fairy god-mother of Cinderella.

Sometimes I am thinking if I can transform from being a witch into a fairy maybe before its impossible but now with the development we have its not. When we say witch the perception that we have for its look is long nails, ugly face that has so many warts, big eye browse, and scary eyes. Well if they still exist I would tell these things so they transformed their self into a fairy.

1. If I were you, I will go to nail club and spa and let those long and ugly nails they will changed into beautiful cut that make it more stylish. They have the best kind of nail care and the best service when it comes to nail care and there are lots of different kinds of this service that you can choose from.

2. You can have a wart free face go to the nail club and spa and avail their facial care that will exfoliate your dead skin and rejuvenate and make your face look younger.

3.Problem with those over grown eyebrow have it taken care of in the nail club and spa try eyebrow waxing it will make your face look more feminine and easy to be with. Well since you try the eyebrow waxing don’t hesitate to try the nail club and spa eyelash extension that will add an A-class look for your eyes.

4. And take a holiday from thinking those stressful bad plans, try the nail club and spa hand and feet massage to make you feel relax and feel rejuvenated.

If this service really exist before in the time of witches then there will be no ugly witch for sure. But, sometimes I am thinking maybe just maybe there is a valid reason why they became bad and hurt people. Maybe they are lonely too and the people around them judge them too much. What do you think? Halloween is an event that prepares us to remember our love ones that is not in this world anymore, reminiscing the memories when they are still with us here. No matter how you will celebrate it have a Happy Halloween guys! Is it a trick or a treat?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Have more fun here in Colorado. There a lot of festivals and entertainments that would celebrate and bring happiness in most people. I am excited to witness how people enjoy entertainments and events. Most performers are excited to perform the talent that they have like singing, dancing, and they boost their confidence and energy to get the taste of their viewers.  They perform graciously thinking that this is the last performance that would mark to everyone. They will do things to have standing ovation on their performances. Most of them are love live music, participate in group dancing and different contest that represent their identity as a
Coloradoans   and some are just enjoy listening and watching the festival events. Other Coloradoans are enjoying film festivals such as horror, comedy, sports, environmental, animations, documentary and etc. Honestly different faces have their different way on how they enjoy the celebration and on how they made this to days life unforgettable. For some of them says that foods and beverages are important part of the festival wherein everyone will have the group bonding celebration and I agree with them as long as it just for having  fun. During the festival most of them are participating and provide programs that will represent their different features of music that would attract their patron. The state of Colorado will be busier and more enjoyable place all over the world.

This is the time that group friends will be  unite as one they will always on the go, and happy drinking famous and favorite beverages, talking with laughter.  The girls curiosity work how they make themselves beautiful in the eyes of many people especially to boys, they are searching on goggle how they stand out. The dress and make up that would be fit on their personality and taste.

We should all be confident in everything we do, so girls don’t ever let this day disturb you and affect your physical, mental and emotional happiness. Make sure that everything is perfect so you can go wherever you want and anyone. Let’s all experience the quality service of the nail club and spa.  They provide the looks that are attractive and made you feel being satisfy and as most beautiful. Don’t let you judge your physical looks because girls are born to be beautiful.

They offer services such as;

1. Waxing. To make your body neat and clean. To avoid skin irritations that makes  your body uncomfortable.

2. Nail care. You should take good care of your nail because it represents the cleanliness of a woman. Make it clean and attractive to anyone who sees.  Color it as you enjoy life! Show your creativity and personality through manicure and pedicure services  that will render by the nail club andspa.

3. Eye lashes extension. Nail club and spa provide quality care and service, so don’t go any further. Make your eyes glow, attractive and different that will catch the attention of many. Remember, eyes is said to be the window the soul.

During the festival, most of the girls are being observed by different people especially the boys from different places or country. They were thinking how beautiful and attractive they are. Each of them stands their nations how it good and fun to have here. Make our day complete and memorable. Enjoy our life and made things different! It’s all our choice to be happy! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fairest of them all in the Fair

Colorado has lots of festivals and events coming up it may be concerts, festivals or a non-stop entertainment for all people. These events are nice outlet for our stress and great recreational activity, and it is a sign of having fun. Grab this opportunity to be with that guy you really like and hang out with and enjoy your company. But since there lot of girls in this kind of event you must stand out among them and capture the attention of the man that you really like.

Like what the evil stepmother of Snow White always ask in the magic mirror “who’s the fairest of them all”, unlike her you don’t need to be snow white to be the fairest from the rest and get the full attention of him and stay looking young. All you need to do is give yourself a treat and prepared for this exceptional event in your life with the one you like.

Have those eyes an expressive and A list Hollywood star look that will give you a soulful and expressive eyes. That can last 24/7 without worrying that it will tear apart by sweat or tears you might get while looking around and enjoying. How? Simply go to the nail club and spa and have their eyelash extension service at a very affordable price. This will also save you from spending hours in front of the mirror making those eyes as extravagant as you want them to be it is also good for those who want to have beautiful eyes and yet don’t have time to do so. Nail club and spa eyelash extension is the answer to your needs without a sweat.

Since, you are already in the nail club spa how about trying their facial skin care that will give you a youthful and rejuvenated skin afterwards. Making your skin face free from dead skin and will rehydrate the facial skin giving you a well moist and relax  facial skin . Then have that eyebrow in place and make it look more feminine with our eyebrow threading services that will give shape to your eyebrow and a feminine look for your face.

While looking around you can’t help but hold hands with each other you don’t want your guy holding a callous hand and looking at a callous feet right? Then you must try our hand and foot massage to relax and revive those hands into its nice and beautiful texture that will give your hand and feet a relax feeling and get it back to its natural smooth way.

Keeping that nice look in your hand don’t forget the nails in nail club and spa we have a variety of kind of services that is specially made for every nail type and needs of your nails. That ensures to give not only a well-cleaned nails but a very beautiful and fashionable nails that is like an elite has.

Having problems with those unwanted hair? Nail Club and spa has the solution which is called waxing we remove those unwanted hair that will give you a more flawless and smooth skin and make its color more toned up. And there’s a lot of variety of waxing that you can avail from our salon which are beneficial especially for especially for those who had a sensitive skin.

These services will just help you and add confidence to you while you are with the one you like and enjoying the festivity of a festival or fair with his company. That you can do like a one stop shop in nail club and spa. But what is most important is make every minute of time your with him a special and memorable one  and it doesn't matter how long is that time what matter is you enjoy and a memory that will be unforgettable.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Girl Friends

Generally friends can be anyone, it does not require any sexuality like boys should only be friends with boys or girls should only be friend with girls. Last September 9 we celebrate the grandparent’s day and I could not help but envy with my grandmother’s relationship with her best friend. They have been together for more than three decades and still counting. I am amaze with these and hope to have the same person in my close friends. Then I think of ways of how we can stay good in the relationship with our friends.

The advantage of having a girl friend is that you can do so many things together; you can spend time with each other and chat about anything. Also a friend is someone that you are comfortable with and a person that is there for you even if you both have your own families to share secrets and tips on how the family life makes better.

Girl friends smile together and cry together that is our advantage to boy’s friendship we are not ashamed to express what we feel in front of our friends. If you and your girl friend have this kind of relationship then hold to that friendship firmly because you don’t know if you can still find another one.

Celebrate your friendship! Who says that only relationship can have monthsary or anniversary well even friendship can treasure the times with your so-called-girlfriend. It is girl’s prerogative to be romantic and sentimental that is already a part of us being a girl and we are entitled to do that.

           Spend a day on the nail club and spa while having and experiencing the best and class A services that they offer.  Here are some services that you and you girl friends can enjoy:

1. Facial Skin Care
                -It cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin. The effect is that you will have a well rehydrated facial skin and you will look ten years younger.

2. Nail Care
                -Take care of those fingers and nails give them a break and make it have a new look in the nail care services. You can also experience the manicure and oriental spa pedicure in the nail club spa that has a variety of services that you can choose from.

3. Eyelash Extension
                -Have that soulful, Smokey and expressive eyes look. Possess the eyes that the A class actress in Hollywood has like Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock had. After you had the eyelash extension you and your friend can past that Hollywood look like what they have.

4. Waxing
                -Remove too much and unwanted hair through their waxing services. That would make you feel that you have a smooth and flawless skin.

These are just some examples of the things that you can do and take note you don’t need to go to other spa to have the services you want. Nail club and spa offers it all at a low price it’s like you have a one stop shop in the nail club and spa. So, have that whole day spend with us and with the friendly and accommodating people in the nail club andspa. After you experience you will go back for sure to experience it again. Here is what I can say, relax and release those stress and feel beautiful once again.

Friendship is a relationship that involves love, respect and being comfortable with one another it does not requires that you should be with her 24/7 but be there at her best and worse time and spend quality than quantity time with her. We are not oblige to help each other but happy to do so. What really matters is that friendship makes us grow to be a better and stronger person knowing that she is always at our side.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Woman after the Storm

                        We women are basically emotional, hopelessly romantic and have dreams of the fairy tale like when it comes to love. Looking and waiting for our knight in shining armor or our prince charming who will treat us like their queen and will be the love of his life. But as what other say life is not all about sugar and spice and everything that is nice. In reality love relationship and men are so complicated to understand. In the present we accept the fact that not all relationship is good and usually they end going apart, in the case of those who were married ends up divorced.
                      This happens when there is no more hope for the relationship when the love turns to be hatred and every day with him is like a living hell. There are so many factors that cause it, so many that if we count it my article will be also like hell. But what is the most important is that we women are emotionally after down after this happened. It’s hard I know but it will pass, time will heal all the wounds and we have to move on and use that experience to make us a stronger person.

                Make those people see the side of you that is a fighter and let that guy know what your worth is. Don’t let him see you down ugly and worthless. Tell to his face that loosing you is the biggest mistake that he committed in his life. They say when a woman is broken heart there are two possibilities that can happen its either she became more beautiful or let herself be drown in miseries of what happened and let herself be ugly and show the people that she is a loser. But I’m telling you guys, the best choice is to be beautiful and be a new person like a phoenix that after the death it will rise again better, stronger and gorgeous as ever. Remember there are lots of fishes in the ocean especially for those beautiful like us.

                Don’t worry it’s not that hard to do, what all you need is go to the nail club spa experience their A class services and when you go out and face the world again you will say to that guy who hurt you, “Thanks for hurting me I am now a better person”. Being beautiful give us more confidence and give us the feeling of being reborn again. Here are some of my suggestion on what services you can get in the nail club and spa.

v  Make those eyes shine again and express the new you let that eyes have the newest look in its newest trend, the eyelash extension. This service are used by the A list stars like Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock. Give those new admirers a glimpse on an angel eyes that you will after availing the service. Plus the fact that it will stay 24/7 that means it is less hassle and no more over hours in front of the mirror.

v  Shining and shimmering that is what you can call to toes and fingers after a manicure and pedicure that will bring your nails a new life. Get those beautiful well-manicured nails be taken care of by the nailclub spa where you can choose a variety of different designs and services for your nails.

v  The 3R that you most needed is rejuvenate, relax, and renew make your body feel love and well taken care of release all those tension because of the fighting and argument scenes in the past relationship indulge in the nail club and spa hand and feet massage with reflexology that will relieve all the stress your body absorb. Ease those wrinkles away by having our facial skin care that can give you’re a problem free face look and your skin face will look younger.

                 Something’s are not really not meant to last even in a relationship and it’s really hard to accept that after all the sacrifices you made it still did not work out. But that is life all we can do is to move on and have a new beginning its hard to do I know yet, that is the only direction where we can go. Failure is part of our life what we need to know is how to learn from each failure we encounter and let those failures mold us to be a stronger better and wiser person.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


                Corporate world  are tough to live in and be a part of it, now welcome woman with the kind of the world that usually men reigns and win. Make it in the  business or in politics field they welcome us with pride and dignity.Woman can already penetrate it and make a mark on it and proved that they can do well as men can. But there are some perception about woman in the corporate  When they hear woman in the corporate the first thing that came in peoples mind are that they are strict, boring and old or too formal in fashion.

            Treat corporate world as a game and we aim to win in that game and one of its rules is to be the our self but be the best as our self can be.That’s one of the rules of the game in corporate for woman that I have read. But why just be the best as you can why not make it “the top hot corporate woman” and stand out to others. Physical looks really matters in this kind of fields get that killer looks and be a run away winner.

                        Achieve that hot chick corporate look with the nail club spa services that you must try. First, we have the eyelash extension services. This will help you to have that expressive, sensual, and A-list star eyes look a like. It is not like those false eyelashes, it will look natural on your eyes  and you can wear it without any hassles of spending so many hours in front of the mirror that can make you come out late in an important meeting that can mess up your career. Wear these natural looking eyelash extension 24/7 under water or even when you are sweating.

                 Give a firm and warm hand shake with a nice, formal, but in style nail care that you can also have in nail club and spa.That has so many variety you can choose from that will give an effect of high class and well maintained nail care. And may express the message that if that small detail in your body you can give so much and perfect attention then the big problems and project will be. Also it relay a message of being a detailed oriented person that you are.

                           Have a face that could launch a thousand ships like Helen of Troy. Face those competitors with that beautiful stress free and fresh looking face. After you try our facial skin care services that will exfoliate your dead skin and nourishes your facial skin to give you that youth-looking face. Additional to this is the massage that will relax those muscles and give you a relaxing feeling afterwards. A relax body exudes a positive feeling that will rejuvenate from you and will bring also positive outlook ideas and actions that will make your way to the  top.

                   Like what they say in the corporate world don’t let it manipulate you, you should be the one to manipulate it, be yourself but the best that you can be. But I say, why just be the best of yourself why you can be the greatest, hottest and most beautiful and hot corporate chick that you can be with our nail club spa and its services its just like you get in and get out look and feel like a queen of the corporate world.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Atlethic Women

       They say that it is hard to understand woman because woman are typically different from one another  and we are very complex. There are many kinds of women, there are women who really are like so feminine and they want to be very well taken care of by man, some are independent, and some are boyish or athletic. It’s not new that there are women in the sports industry playing as their nation representatives. Like now,  time for an Olympic 2012 season, there are a lot of athlete women that represent their country in this event.Sometimes these women are too focus on practice taking for granted that they are still women that needed to be pampered and be beautiful.

          If you are an aspiring athlete and a woman  well you might feel still beautiful even under those vigorous training. Or you are just wanting to be in fit and indulge in those sports that will make you fit and healthy. But, no matter what kind of girl are you, do not forget to be beautiful. Every women deserve to be beautiful. These are the things or tips i can give you and you can do especially if you are a sporty  girl to maintain your body and beauty.

Ø  Eyelash extension. Have a beautiful eyelashes all through out the day which you can achieve through an eyelash extension in nail club and spa. This will give you a 24/7  beautiful eyelashes without worrying that it might fade because of the perspiration on your face or body. And you will not spent ours in front of the mirror to achieve it and just be ruined easily. This is safe and affordable and will give you the beautiful eyelashes permanently.

Ø  Hand and feet massage with reflexology.After those vigorous physical activity your body muscles are so tired why not make them relax through the nail club spa hand and feet massage with reflexology that will make your over used muscles to rest and be relax.

Ø  Waxing. Remove those unwanted hair in your body that  make you feel like  a man have it done through waxing  you don't need to go far it is all here in the nail club spa. Achieve that smooth un-hairy skin that guys will love to touch.

Ø  Nail care. Wait if you think its all done don't forget those small detail like you nail it should also be well taken cared of, in the nail club spa no matter what your nail case is we have the service and treatment that is right for your nail to bring and give back shine and stylish in a way that you can flaunt it.

          This things that you think is small is a big  deal for you to make you feel that even if you are athletic or just the sporty type of girl you should be still well taken care off. And through this small things we can say that women are women no matter how different and complex they are from one another, they  still needs  to take care of their self and be beautiful not for men but most especially for themselves.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stress Free and Confident Woman

     Women are essential part of every civilization they play a big part in each life as a mother, sister, wife or even just a simple friend. But as time goes by and since we are in the new millennium now, they are also in their own league of their career. Before, women are just home maker to their family, a servant to her husband and has no voice in the society. That change now, women have their own careers have voice and rights against abused of men and even serve as leaders to the society. Really we can say that the change woman achieve is a milestone from before.
     Nowadays women are so busy with their career and their family juggling their duty to their other roles such as a friend, a mother and a daughter. From these things we encounter a lot of pressure from our work and to our boss. Stress from a busy schedule we need to do. Worrying for our kids welfare, attending their needs and if we are giving them the right care they deserved from us. Because of this time can be much demanding for them.
     Having a lot dose of pressure and stress women tend to forget about themselves, making them looks like old than their real age. Subsequently losing their confidence, anyway who can blame them with those kinds of schedule and stress they gone through?  But we also owe it to ourselves to feel beautiful, confident and stress free.

     Ever heard of stress release pampering yourself taking yourself for a treat? Girls think it as want or luxury but you need it and you must have it. Consider these things as a reward with all your hardship, a token for doing a great job. Take yourself to the nail club spa, have those eyes sparkle again with their eyelash extension it’s like renewing your eyes giving it newer and better look. Attract those guys with the use of this eyelash extension, and unlike those fake eyelashes it looks better naturally on your eyes and can be permanent so, you will not need to spent hours to make your eyes look extravagant with this eyelash extension you can wear it 24/7.
     Give that a body a nice and relaxing foot and hand massage which you can also get from the nailclub and spa. Release those body pains because of too much work and stretch those muscles to feel rejuvenated. Feel relaxed and enjoy the friendly staff and superb services in the nail club spa it’s just like you are in your own home. Complete those pampering with a new and vibrant manicure and pedicure which you can choose from a large variety of their services in manicure and pedicure. Make those hands and fingers look like from a royal blood hand shake it and make it shine with those new and shining nail polish and arts.
      Being a women and with its great responsibility is really a tough job but it is not an excuse to forlorn our self and loose our identity and confidence. Overwhelm ourselves with stress and problems is just all depend on us. As women we owe to ourselves that no matter how busy we are, we should still feel stress free and confident about ourselves. Remember you will feel loved if you will learn to love yourself it must start within you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Secret to Know For Your Eyes

                Eye is one of our five senses given to us by God.  In our everyday action and routine we need to see what we do. That’s why it is important to have our eyes healthy and well taken-care off.   Other than that, we consider our eyes as the door to the soul because we can communicate and send messages just looking or settling our eyes on others things or people, this is also called eye gesture. There are words that can describe our eyes on how beautiful it is such as tantalizing, expressive, cat’s eye, captivating and sensual.  These words express how important our eye is aesthetically and practically. If you are not born with the kind of eyes like this, it is a dilemma especially for girls we all wanted to possess those kinds of eyes which actresses have, and it is really a big challenge for us.
 Do you spend hours and hours in the mirror just to achieve those expressive eyes keeping all those eyelashes as tantalizing and captivating as you can? Envying those beautiful expressive eyes that the stars have? And you want to have those eyes for yourself? Your wait is over guys, it easy to have those beautiful eyes for yourself. Have you heard of the eyelash extension? It is adapted in 2002 from Asian countries to the Hollywood. That is made by the most patience and skilled oriental stylist today. That is the answer to that dilemma, the eyelash extension which you can have at nailclub spa at a very affordable price. Eyelash extension which is used by the A-list star like Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock Nicole Kidman and many more are here just waiting for you at the nail club spa.
                The difference of the eyelash extension from the fake eyelashes is that looks, feels and wear naturally by your eyes.  There are kinds of eyelash extension that you can choose in the nailclub spa. These are the
·         Mink Fur Eyelashes it is softer, lighter and more natural looking eyelashes, Which is also hypo allergenic  no added chemicals and dyeing involve.

·         XL Flexfusion Adhesive it is  fusion of flexibility, safety, longevity, ideal viscosity, fast application speed, weightlessness and seamless connectivity

These are certified safe for all of us with the highest quality and customer oriented staff in the nail club spa it as easy as you open and close your eyes. Still thinking, eyelash extension will save you from all the hassles of putting on mascara and using eyelash curler. And not worrying that it might mess up if you cry or go into the pool and putting it again for hours. You will have those beautiful and expressive eyes every minute of the day even you’re asleep. Who can say that only stars are entitled to have those sexy, enchanting and captivating when achieving it is as easy as singing the alphabet.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


        There are so many hard to do job but, one of it is being a father. Father stands as the head of each family, we do a lot of decision making that can affect our children’s life today or in their future. Through the process we go to a lot of stress and headaches to solve the problems and decide what to do. Provider, another role as a head of the family and being a father is to provide – work for the needs of our children, for them to have the best future that we can give. Not only that, the father acts also as a friend and partner to his wife and see to it that he can have a fruitful harmonious relationship with her.
              These tough tasks as being a father they needed a day especially for them and it’s here, father’s day is here. With all the muscle pain they got from working six days a week and eight hours per day they need also to relax and be free from it. Headache and stress from pressure at work or problem at home that give them wrinkles in their faces.
            As the head of the family it’s really a tough job so, this father’s day they deserved a treat so if you’re thinking of a nice treat or gift for your father, as an appreciation for what he’s doing for the family at his special day. Give him a day off and bring him to the nail club spa. He might say that spa is just for women but it’s a big no, no. In nail club spa we offer services that can be enjoyed by men and women.

Hand and Feet Massage with Reflexology

       Daddy deserved this treatment that you can catch up in nailclub spa. Have those muscles stressed especially our feet and hand that we used every day for our work. Stress and pressure that build up in your everyday routine in work or in home might result in over fatigue. This treatment will relieve the pain in your muscles and it will be relaxed. Reflexology is also known as your zone therapy it is done by putting some pressure to some area of your body to achieve a  relaxing and soothing effect on your body and relieve those muscle pains and let it relaxed.

Facial Skin Care

                   Being a busy Dad doesn’t give you the excuse of letting yourself to look like old and let that stress be seen on your face. Having that wrinkles on your face, getting all those dirt in the street stuck on your face ruining your youth looking face that your wife love so much. Don’t worry in nail club and spa facial skin care we will help you to make those go away. In the facial skin care we will clean your face make those blackheads and dead skin cells go away. Massage your face that can relax your facial muscles and stimulate your skin.

                With this treatment that Dad’s really deserved for all those hard work they do. Even just for their special day let this treatment speaks for us how much we appreciate, adore and love our father. This is just a small token to what they give for us. Make your Dad’s father’s day a remarkable one with these treatment and a simple words of thank you and how you love so much that will make their day whole.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Everybody is dreaming of being a princess and meeting their prince charming. This dream is fulfilled in our junior – senior prom events. In this special night we feel special everybody looks like a princess in their own right. And because this event is so special we should prepare for it in the most special way we can that will made us feel like a royalty and pamper like a princess waiting for our prince charming to come and swept us on our feet.

Make those crushes notice you and make them your prince or knight in shining armor. You can be the lady with the most tantalizing and expressive eyes that can captures our prince charming attention. Have the most glowing skin that can shine on with any gown you’re wearing. This is only once in a lifetime experience that must be treasured and unforgettable; a story that you can tell to your grandchildren what it feels to be a princess.

You can be the next prom queen for the night change yourself like Cinderella from being a hired help to being a princess with just a click of a wand. But you don’t need a fairy god mother to these changes in the nail cluband spa. We can turn you into a princess and pampered like a princess with our services that help you relax and feel beautiful.

Need to prepare and relax yourself for the big event, go to a spa? Have the treatment a princess deserves. When we say treatment we mean friendly people, first class customer services in very cheap prices that a true royal blood deserves.

What does it takes to be the prom queen?

Have the most tantalizing, expressive, and beautiful eyes your prince charming could ever see. The eyes that speak a thousand word with just one look. Without the hassle of putting mascara that can ruined you’re a makeup when you cry. See yourself everyday with the eyes of a princess with our services.


Glow and have an aura of a princess with the skin care make your face free from dead skins. Erase those blackheads in your face and have a new and glowing face. Relax the muscles in your face with the facial massage that stimulates the facial skin and facial muscles. This treatment will make your face look younger a baby face princess.


Remove those unwanted hair that can turn off your prince by our waxing services. Make that eyebrow in a perfect shape a princess must have that can give a very feminine look to anybody.


Have those nail painted and care at its best with our nail care services. Hold hands with your prince with that well nail polished nail and well taken cared hands with our nail care services which you can have a variety of different kinds of nail care services to choose from the nail club spa.

Experience all these services in a one stop shop at a very affordable price in the nail club and spa. Making you feel and experienced the treatment a princess deserved. And after these services done to you  not only the prom will be memorable but also the time you spent with us and the treatment that you will experience with us. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Treat yourself at the Spa this Mother’s Day

Being a mother is not an easy task, you have a lot of obligations that you have to attend to. Yourself is no longer your priority but your husband and children and you put yourself at the last of the list. You have to make sure that your children have the best care and attention and also you have to prepare the best dinner for your husband when he comes home. Though being a mother is a fulfilling job but it doesn’t mean that you have to neglect yourself and your own needs. You have to relax once in a while so that you always have the energy to do your daily task.

This mother’s day, you deserve a treat. This day is all about you and since this is your day, you should make the most of it! There is no reason why you shouldn’t pamper yourself because mother’s day only comes once a year. I am pretty sure that your husband and children will approve if you go out this day and chill a little. Where could be the best place to find the best relaxation that you are looking for but from the Spa?

When you heard the word spa, what comes into your mind? Friendly people? Sweet scent? Soft touch? Calming feeling? All these you can experience at the Nail Club & Spa at Colorado. This spa’s objective is to make people enters in warmly welcome, treat them special as they are and give them satisfaction they deserve.

What a mother needs to pamper herself?


You do not realize that you need this until expert hands touch your hands and feet. This is a stress reliever, so if you encounter some financial problem, marital problem or any kind of difficulties, you will forget it and everything will be washed out!


Maybe you didn’t notice your wrinkles over there that started piling up until now that you take time to look into the mirror and analyze your face. It’s not that your ageing but it can be because of your busy schedule that you forget to smile. Now, you can totally smile because you know you are taking care of.

Since you are a busy mother in and outside your house, you might forget to remove your excess hair. After this process has been done for you, you will feel light!


Manicure? Pedicure? Nail polish? Pretty nails can add up to your confidence level and at Nail Club and Spa, they know what works best for a mother like you.

EYELASH EXTENSIONWhat is great about nail extension is not you do not have to worry about it every day and you can wake up knowing that you are beautiful.

Nail Club & Spa in Colorado is the perfect place for mothers who want to relax and forget about the outside world this mother’s day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in the world!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Look: Fabulous Eyelash Extensions

Spring and summer is just around the corner so it is time for you to think about the best look that you can have this season.

The theme for this season is fun and quirky. You do not need to wear too much make-up and accessories; you only need to look cool and natural. Spring dresses are cool and white is in. You should wear your hair neatly, either wear ponytail or cut your hair short.

In terms of your face, too much make up is a no-no, you need to wear a clean and fresh face. You can wear a natural foundation and a red lipstick. If you are not gifted with long and thick eyelashes, you do not need to worry. You can look like your favorite star with eyelash extensions. That is the beauty secret of the celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Love-Hewitt.

With eyelash extension, you do not have to bother yourself wearing mascara. You can get a natural lush all day and all night. Unlike the old and fake eyelash strips, you can have semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Isn’t a great deal? You can feel that it is your own and you can feel beautiful 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is the reason why eyelash extension is the hot new rage. It doesn’t only give emphasis the shape of your eye but it can give you an attractive and charming eyes.

Now, you can go out and have some fun without worrying that your eyelash will take off or without retouching all the time. You can have a shower, you can go out swimming and nothing can stop you from looking great.

You only have to be selective in the place where you want it done. You should go the spa where they have an expert beautician and who are trusted by many.

Nail Club & Spa in Colorado has trained beauticians who knows exactly what fits for you. They can do eyelash extension without any pain and you wouldn't feel any weight, as if there is nothing in your eyelash. This can last for several months.

Remember that what is important this spring is that you look comfortable with what you wear and most especially with yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Wear your beautiful and fresh looking face this spring. Go out in the sun and have a great day!