Sunday, July 24, 2016

9 Stars Who Gets Eyelash Extensions

We all know that celebrities are the epitome of beauties. They can't go out without their make-up's on or else they will suffer public scrutiny. Like you, they are pretty busy with their lives and they don't always have the time to fix themselves especially when they are already home.

Eyelash extensions give sparkle to your eye and makes you look and feel beautiful every day and every time you wake up. It makes your preparation even a little faster because you don't need to put your mascara on. It also saves you from worrying that any minute it will fall off because eyelash extension is a semi -permanent eyelashes that can last for months.

Here are 9 Celebrities Who Gets Their Eyelashes Done

1. Kim Kardashian - Her devotion in her beautiful eyes is an open book and she chooses to have an eyelash extension over her fake eyelashes to add more volume and to look more natural.

2. Jennifer Lopez - She has been very vocal about her love on lashes and she revealed the secret of her beautiful and thick lashes and you are right! It is an eyelash extension all along and JLo loves it!

3. Beyonce - Her alluring eyes is no doubt but an eyelash extension. The Queen Bey loves waking up like this :)

4. Kylie Jenner - The beauty and fashion trendsetter admit to her Instagram account that she indeed have an "eyelash extensions".

5. Katy Perry - This pop star always makes an appearance on stage that deems remarkable. With all the glamour and her bright costumes, it's hard to imagine what she looks like inside her home. Since she always want to be as glamorous as she is, she get her eyelashes done.

6. Julianne Moore - She admits that she loves eyelash extensions and she doesn't want her beauty to last only for a night in a red carpet but she wanted to wear it all day long for weeks and as long as forever.

7. Kate Middleton - It is noticeable that Kate had her eyelash extensions base on her before and after picture, but this royal beauty has all the right to be always at her best. The duchess doesn't only have a warm smile to everyone but also have a mesmerizing eyes.

8. Eva Longoria - One of the stars of Housewives. She has an exotic beauty that hooks you up, adding an eyelash extensions makes her beauty shines even more brighter.

9. Taylor Swift - Last but not the least is the real life barbie. With all her beauty, she still feels the need to wear an eyelash extensions. With that being mention, her eyes becomes more expressive than before.

Despite and because of their celebrities status, they feel the need to wear eyelash extensions. Aside from being celebrity, the number 1 reason they did it is because it makes them feel beautiful and added more confidence in their lives. 

What's keeping you from having one? Get your eyelash extensions now!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all Dads in the world. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you deserve to be cherished in this special day for you.

Photo: FBC Magdalena

Daddy, Papa, Itay, Dada, Pop or whatever you call your day is special in their own right. Our father is the one who provides for the family. He makes sure that everything his family needed is provided. Isn’t it great to have a father? They are heaven sent.

Photo: Youngster Corner

This day, show your father that he matters and you love him. Spend time because it is the most special gift you can give. After all, he spent most of his time outside home and I bet you seldom see each other.

Enjoy this day! Happy Fathers Day!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Be a Great Looking Mom

When you are already a mother you have a lot of excuses not to look great. However, keeping this as a habit can lead into serious problem with your personality and later on with your life as a whole. 

Many mothers don’t have enough time to take care of themselves, some don’t have the money and others are just too lazy. Whatever your excuse is, looking great is something you owe, not only to the people around you but to your husband and children. You have an obligation to look as young looking as the first time your husband met you for him to fall in love with you every day. You have an obligation to show your children that you are happy taking care of them and you can balance everything. When they grow up, they will do the same.

Apart from these all, you owe it to yourself. You can think positively and be happy whenever you look great and you feel good about yourself.

3 Ways to Look Your Best Everyday 

 1. Hygiene.

Shower – start with a shower every day. It is a must for everyone. Taking a shower soothes your nerves and it awakens your senses. It will give you extra energy to start the day. The clean and fresh feeling will make you feel great about yourself and make others see you as a breath of fresh air.

Brush your teeth – it is the small things that some moms neglect especially if they have dishes to attend to and a child to take care of. However, it is not beautiful to have stained teeth and foul breathe. It only takes a minute, so do it!

Wash your face, shampoo and condition your hair – a clear face can be obtained through frequent washing. Do it when you wake up and before you go sleep. Facial skin care can help you looking radiant every day. Hair is a girl’s crowning glory…shampoo and conditioner can do wonders in making it manageable and flowing smoothly.

Shave your legs, bikini areas and underarms - it is not cool to be hairy everywhere. In fact, this is a big turn off. This may take some time in your schedule but you can do it weekly but if you don’t want to get bothered by it, wax it off. Go to the nearest salon and let the experts to the job. It will take some time to grow and will save you more time.

Take care of your nails – it is not because you are doing the laundry and the dishes means you don’t have the right to have a beautiful and well-manicured nails. You can wear globes whenever you do your household chores to protect your nails and also to always have smooth hands.

2. Wear a simple yet elegant hair.

It may hard to keep a long and shiny hair if your child keeps pulling your hair. Cut it short but cut it with a style. This way, it will easy to manage but you still look hot.

3. Dress out. 

It is not because you are at home you will not take time to choose what you wear. Choose something that you are comfortable and makes you move freely. Choose also the one with the cuts that compliments your body type. You can be a sexy and elegant mother even if you are at home doing your chores. You can still wear accessories, wear your earrings but avoid the dangling because your baby might pull it off.

There is nothing that’s keeping you from looking a fashionable and great looking mom. It is your choice and it is your right. You have plenty of time and it is only a matter of time management.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

11 Types of Nails

Women wear their nails in various ways and in different times. The type of nails they wear
depend on how they need it to look like or depends on their mood. Some women prefer wearing an artificial nails if they want to look sharp on some occasions like wedding or a reunion. If you are intrigued on the different kind of nails, here they are.

  1. Acrylic Nails  ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Gel Nails    ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Pink & color tips ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Solar nails - or Pink & white  ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Lacquer Nails ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Over laid   ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Holiday Nails & special  requests ( click here to see pictures ) 

  1. "Bitten Nails" make over  (click here to see pictures )

  1. China silk     ( click here to see pictures )

  1. White tip French manicure ( click here to see pictures )

  1. Little princess Nails (click here to see pictures ) 

Now, it is up to you to choose which type of nail to wear. Whatever your decision is, Nail Club & Spa will support you and do our best to make your nails looks dazzling as you are. Get your nails done now and enjoy the envious eyes of other women and the admiration look from men.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

How to Take Care of Your Face

They said first impression lasts. If this is true, you should leave a good impression to anyone. How to leave a good impression aside from showing good deeds, being polite and pleasant to be with is to have a blemish free skin. You should show a face which everyone wanted to look at and not a face that will make others feel awkward in looking at you or find it funny.

We are all born with a blemish free skin and it is only up to us on how to keep it. Let us go back to the basic.

1. Wash your face often. Yeah, I know! You know it already but are you doing it? If not, it’s time for you to be reminded. Wash your face at least twice a day. One in the morning and one before you go to sleep. Make it a habit. This will help you fight skin irritation and other skin problems. You can use some product that is suitable for your skin type to cleanse your face. You can also go for organic solution like honey, dandelion sap and lemon juice.

2. Remove unnecessary facial hair. Not well-groomed facial hair will give you a negative impression. It tells the people you talk to that you are not taking care of yourself, thus, how can you take care of other things? To have a clean looking face, keep your eyebrow neat and wax off your chin hair and upper lip hair. Professionals can take care of this. Visit them as often as necessary. They know how to do it and up to what extent. If you want to take it off yourself, soak a washcloth into a hot water and then place it where you want hair to be removed then use tweezers to pluck some stray hair. To do this every day before you go to sleep to get the result you desire.

3. Drink lots of water. 8 glasses of water is ideal if you want to have a fresh and younger looking skin. It is free and it will make you hydrated.

4. Eliminate the habit of touching your face. Your hands have oil in it and it is very dirty, touching your face often will irritate it and will bring some skin problems like pimples. Use handkerchief or towel if you want to wipe something out of your face. Don’t pop out your pimples, white heads or black heads. This will damage your face and will take time to heal. Worst, it will leave a mark.

5. Moisturize it and use sunblock protection. Protect your skin from harsh sunlight by using sunblock protection and keep it smooth and glowing using your favorite moisturizer.

Make taking care of your face a habit and leave a good impression in everyone you meet. Do it yourself or visit professionals. Do it the way you want it.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Year, New Look, New Life at Nail Club & Spa

How time flies! Another year has gone and another year is starting. This is a new beginning for all of us. This is the time to reflect about what happened to the previous year and to keep what's valuable and throw what needs to be forgotten.

What remains the same is that Nail Club & Spa is always at your service. Whenever you are tired, you know you will find comfort with our friendly staff and affordable services. When you're down, you can run to us and we will make you the best that you can be to lift up your spirit.

We are waiting for you every day, thus you should include us in your New Year resolution. See to it that this year, you will have more time for yourself, to relax and rejuvenate. We believe that when you feel good, you do good. It always starts in the inside. It starts within us. Then it will flourish outside.

This New Year, Nail Club Spa is wishing you all the beauty of life can bring. We are wishing that you will love yourself more than ever. We wish that this time of the year, you will laugh often.

Another values that we believe is that when you start loving yourself, love will overflow that you can't help but to share it. All the people surround you will experience the love that you have and you will serve as a sunshine to them, so never neglect yourself.

Happy New Year! Visit us today and we will give you a new look that prepares you to face the New Year!

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Reflexology - A Perfect Treat for Christmas

Christmas is in the air! Everyone is on the street busy buying gifts for people in their list. But wait a minute! Do you have your name on the list? Christmas is all about giving but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself in this joyous season of the year.

You don't need to buy yourself a gift, wrap it and place under the Christmas tree so that you have something to open on Christmas Day. You can advance your gift for yourself, what about a feet reflexology? Treat yourself after a long day of buying gifts so that you will have energy when the big day come.

Reflexology brings a soothing feeling that will make you feel relax and well-rested. After a year of working, you owe yourself a relaxing period you can enjoy and this is the perfect time to do so. Reflexology doesn't take long. It takes only enough time for you to feel completely rested. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes and afterwards you feel absolutely great about yourself.

Reflexology is a therapeutic massage whereas the therapist will simply massage your hands or feet and it will connect to every part of your body. It is like you have a complete body massage.

Why endure the pain? Don't be hard on yourself. When you are happy, you can spread more happiness. Love yourself so you can spread more love this holiday season.

Have a happy feet and have a happy Christmas day :)

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