Sunday, July 24, 2016

9 Stars Who Gets Eyelash Extensions

We all know that celebrities are the epitome of beauties. They can't go out without their make-up's on or else they will suffer public scrutiny. Like you, they are pretty busy with their lives and they don't always have the time to fix themselves especially when they are already home.

Eyelash extensions give sparkle to your eye and makes you look and feel beautiful every day and every time you wake up. It makes your preparation even a little faster because you don't need to put your mascara on. It also saves you from worrying that any minute it will fall off because eyelash extension is a semi -permanent eyelashes that can last for months.

Here are 9 Celebrities Who Gets Their Eyelashes Done

1. Kim Kardashian - Her devotion in her beautiful eyes is an open book and she chooses to have an eyelash extension over her fake eyelashes to add more volume and to look more natural.

2. Jennifer Lopez - She has been very vocal about her love on lashes and she revealed the secret of her beautiful and thick lashes and you are right! It is an eyelash extension all along and JLo loves it!

3. Beyonce - Her alluring eyes is no doubt but an eyelash extension. The Queen Bey loves waking up like this :)

4. Kylie Jenner - The beauty and fashion trendsetter admit to her Instagram account that she indeed have an "eyelash extensions".

5. Katy Perry - This pop star always makes an appearance on stage that deems remarkable. With all the glamour and her bright costumes, it's hard to imagine what she looks like inside her home. Since she always want to be as glamorous as she is, she get her eyelashes done.

6. Julianne Moore - She admits that she loves eyelash extensions and she doesn't want her beauty to last only for a night in a red carpet but she wanted to wear it all day long for weeks and as long as forever.

7. Kate Middleton - It is noticeable that Kate had her eyelash extensions base on her before and after picture, but this royal beauty has all the right to be always at her best. The duchess doesn't only have a warm smile to everyone but also have a mesmerizing eyes.

8. Eva Longoria - One of the stars of Housewives. She has an exotic beauty that hooks you up, adding an eyelash extensions makes her beauty shines even more brighter.

9. Taylor Swift - Last but not the least is the real life barbie. With all her beauty, she still feels the need to wear an eyelash extensions. With that being mention, her eyes becomes more expressive than before.

Despite and because of their celebrities status, they feel the need to wear eyelash extensions. Aside from being celebrity, the number 1 reason they did it is because it makes them feel beautiful and added more confidence in their lives. 

What's keeping you from having one? Get your eyelash extensions now!

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