Friday, April 26, 2013

Nurture Your Mother

“The essence of a woman is to love his husband and to be a wife and a mother to her child. “I remember this as the answer or almost the answer of Sushmita Sen in Miss Universe 1994 making her take home of the crown in the said pageant. Women are everywhere and you cannot be here if not because of a woman and also according to her being a woman is God’s gift. I think the only reason is because only woman can give or born another life. Each and every one of us has someone that we call mama, mommy or mom.

A Shared Story:
Few years ago I have a instructor that casually ask me
                “Do you notice that we call our land as father land and do you know the reason why?”Sir Kik’s as what we call him, asked.
“It’s because we are used to be in using a patriarchy in our home and in our country” I answered him after a few minutes of thinking.
“True, then why we call earth as mother earth? But the land father if that is the case then we should call it father earth. “he said laughing and left me wondering the reason of those things that he said. That question keep bugging my mind and truth be told I even research for it but found no answer. When we meet after a week I can’t help to brought it up and ask him
 “Sir why is it really called mother earth?” he laugh and I though he will not answer me.
“What your mother does to you?”he seriously ask me.
“Well she cooks for me take care of me and give me life.”I simply answer him while thinking of the things my mother does for me.
”Right in other words your mother nurture you just like the earth it nurture us, protect us and give us life as we live in it.?”He explained to me that make me feel like first grader as the answer revealed.
“How about you have you ever tried to give or take care of your mother?” out of the blue he asked. Then I came to think although I am not sure if he is referring to earth or to my own mothers case this make tell to myself that I should take care of my mother.
Two weeks from now will be mother’s day, a day for my mom and the entire mom’s out there. One whole they that they really deserved for all the things they done and still doing for us. So have you plan anything for your mom if not here are some of my suggestion.
My Suggestion:
Mommies right now don’t just only do the household chores but also a career woman for all those who have this kind of mother try giving them a facial skin care removing their face dead skin cell and rejuvenating to have a younger looking face just like your just siblings. In the nail club and spa you can also give this kind of mom’s with a eyelash extension to make them look like a Hollywood star at work and at home.
For the mother’s that chose to be a secretary of the house and keep it personal in taking care of their family. The best gift or treat I could suggest for you to give them is the nail club andspa hand and foot massage. We all know that doing household chores can be so tiring what more if they are doing it every day right. With the hand and feet massage and reflexology their tired and over used body due to everyday work will feel more relax soothing their muscles and body pain. Not only has that reflexology had a health benefit that will make the blood circulation of body improve. In addition to that make those finger nails shine with the nail club and spa wide of variety of nail care services.

            Don’t worry guys if you’re worrying about your budget nailclub and spa services are very available. Anyway mother’s day is just once every year so it will not hurt if we sacrifice  little for out mother that nurture as from the start compare to what she did and give to us-our life.
Keep it in our mind:
As I remember a line that I heard being a mom is a tough job there is no compensation for it, 24/7 work, no holiday, no double pay and never ending. Even if your kids has their own kids. But the fulfillment it gives for the mother to see their child make and build their own is unpaid happiness for her. And the most important word for them-“I appreciate all the things you did and give to me. I am proud that you are my mother.Thanks Mom I LOVE YOU!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bring Back the Beauty in You

Spring is coming in town, identified as starting a new one rebirth or making new for us- new hope, new life and a new beginning. It really feels good when you can know that there is a always a start for you, for us and other. I think spring really signifies that whenever there are the hard times  which signifies by winter there will comes a new start that signifies by spring and a time to shine that will symbolizes by the summer getting hot and vibrant for it.
I know that we women sometimes ignore our self because of the so many things we need to do as a mother, wife and a career woman. That it maybe intentional or not we neglect our own needs. I am calling those women that deny their self from being pampered. Why not have good starts? Take this chance to have yourself re-born and make your beauty back to life and be hot on summer.
Don’t let the chance slip away grab it with two hands and be a new you. Worried about having the high expenses to have the new face this spring don’t worry in nailclub and spa which we are so near you not only that but also so affordable in your budget .In addition to that we also give quality services and very competent and credible to do the services for you.

Pick your choice from our top services that anyone can avail.
Eyebrow Threading
ü  Got that eye browse that has their own mind and direction giving you a manly and witchy look in your face, this service may sound so simple to make with but I assure it will give your face  a new look. The kind of face that is so feminine and sophisticated that will men drool over you and give you a second look with the nail club and spa staffs hand your eyebrow will give you the best and foremost look that you deserve.
Facial Skin Care
ü  Our face is the first part of the body where people looks it is not enough that your face looks clean if you can have it in estate of glowing and rejuvenated that will provide you the face look like your just 10 years younger. The nail cluband spa offer this facial skin care that will eliminate your dead skin cells and give your face a fresher look.
ü  Some of us have so many hairs in our bodies even though we are women blame to the genes or hormones. Accept that sometimes it helps when it cold it serves as  a protection but it stink when it is too much that give the looks of being a monkey. If you are one this girls that had this dilemma in being so hairy nail club and spa can help you. Waxing is a process that will execute your over hair in your body. It also had different kind it can be for your legs back or other part of the body.
This is just some of the great deals in nail club and spa there is also their eyelash extension for your eyes. Nail care to make your nail look glossier. Massage for your tired body muscles and much more. Spring is a chance to have our self again, to awaken that beautiful woman in you with a little help from us to give another life for the beauty that just sleeping inside. Everybody has its own beauty and they can’t see that unless you give life and embrace your own beauty.