Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Oriental Spa Pedicure in Colorado

A beautiful feet reflects a person's personality. If your feet are beautiful and soft it means that you know how to take care of yourself and it adds a certain appeal to your personality.

A pedicure is a beauty treatment for your feet and we offer it here in Nail Club & Spa at Colorado. What we offer is not an ordinary pedicure but an oriental spa pedicure where your feet is being massaged with sea salt scrub to take away all the skin problems you've developed in your feet through the years.

There are three types of pedicure treatment that you can choose from and these are as follows.

 Premium pedicure

This includes trim toe nails and cuticle. Removes all the callus in your feet. Our pedicurist uses warm towel and apply sea salt in the process. This premium also includes nail polish. Not only that, we also offer here some reflexology massage in the lower part of your legs with a special skin moisturizing lotion. We would like to ensure that you are leaving the salon having a great looking feet, relax and satisfied, thus, we also include hands and arms massage in this service.

 Deluxe pedicure

If you are already happy with our premium pedicure, you will be happier with deluxe pedicure. It also offers the same service however the difference is that we use a Paraffin wax here to treat your dead skin and leave you with a soft skin.

Are you feeling ecstatic now? Wait but there's more!

 Luxury pedicure

Luxury pedicure offers the same services such as trim toe nails and cuticle, rub off and completely remove callus applying prevention treatment to keep callus from coming back. This pedicure also apply sea salt with warm towel, offers reflexology lower legs massage with special skin moisturizing lotion, paraffin wax treatment for soft skin.

Additionally Luxury pedicure offers dry skin treatment, apply polish, hand and feet massage plus extra 10 minutes of full hand ,arm and shoulder Reflexology

With our Luxury Spa Pedicure chairs with New Technology Eliminating Bacteria and human touch massage system, our customers not only will have beautiful feet but will experience a full body massage during pedicure treatment.

A pedicurist removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats toenails. The pedicurist also massages softening and soothing oils and creams into your foot to make it feel as though you are walking on air.

Good foot care treats and prevents skin problems such as calluses, as well as ingrown toenails and related infections. A pedicure can help your posture by enabling you to walk more comfortably.