Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Glamour 101

Love is in the air! It is just few weeks and it is already valentines. Special days for couples, for those who are single a day to look for the one or Mr. Right. Valentine is an event where all places are in bloom and in red. Valentine’s Day is usually colored with red that signifies passion and love.
This is a special where we girls should prepare for a special date or invitation from our special someone and make them feel that we prepare for this day. Are you ready for your date on this day? You should make sure that this would be one of those that you cannot forget, so you should better be preparing for this!
Here is my Valentine Glamour 101

1.       Valentines color is either red or pink  you can wear that kind or color of dress then  the highlight of it, have a long-expressive dark eyelashes that will make your eyes look more expressive and soulful to look for. Don’t have that long-thick eyelashes like Hollywood actress has? Don’t worry the answer to that is the nail club and spa eyelash extension. After you undergo this service 101% sure that you will have that long-thick eyelashes you always wanted to have.
2.       Make sure our face is free from any stress and haggardness look; make it go away by having the facial skin care service from the nail club and spa. Removing the dirt and dead skin in your face and giving it a younger and rejuvenating look. That will make your face look fresh and young.
3.       Glamour will not be complete if we will forget your nails. Well the name speaks for it nail club and spa why doubt it? The salon specialty is taking care of your nails whatever kind or condition it maybe is. Their nail care has the superb service in the Colorado in which you can choose from the variety of their nail care service.
4.       Relax and take a rest before going to your date a massage will be helpful. Don’t go further  nail club and spa has this hand and feet reflexology  that will make your muscles get relaxed and also has a health benefits for you. Giving those hands and feet that we used most in our everyday activity a treat that also reflects a more relax you.
If you have a very limited time in preparing, nail club andspa is the answer for you.  You can avail all these services in nail club and spa it is like going to a one-stop shop and getting out ready for this special day.
Valentines is a special day for everyone who loves each other it may be a relationship between a man and a woman but, it can also be for friends. It is not only during valentine that we should show our love ones how much we love them but in every possible way and day we can. Also it does not mean that you should only date your special someone during valentines but, the day just makes it more special. How special or simple a date is what matter is the person that is with you that will make it special.Love is really hard to explain but how it affects our life and gives meaning to how we live everyday makes love special and spectacular.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Are you one of those people who have so many hairs in the body? That you use plucking to remove those unwanted and outgrown hair in your body to achieve that smooth looking skin?  Free yourself from plucking everyday! The answer to that is waxing from the nail club and spa. Waxing is one of the many services you can have in the nail club and spa but I don’t think all people know about it. Its process, when did it start and the advantage of it, and how it can be beneficial to us.

Then let us all discover it:

What is waxing?
·         When we define waxing it is a process of removing of hair from its hair root. It can be permanent or semi-permanent with a use of cream or wax.

How the process of waxing is done?
·         In the nail club and spa it is done by spreading wax combination thinly over the skin. Then with a cloth or paper strip pressing on it with a swift fast movement it ripped off from the skin against the direction of the hair growth. That simple and fast to remove those unwanted hair in your body at the nail club and spa.

Where did waxing start or came from?

·         According to the history waxing start with Ancient Egypt’s because the standard of beauty to them is a smooth and hairless body. The cream that they used before is similar to what we call now sugaring. Then later the Greek adopted the idea of the smoothness of the body. The proof many of the old Greek women sculptures does not have any pubic hair in them. Then after the Greek the Romans also like this is idea and used it to their woman. There also come a time in 1520 in Turkey that it is a sin when you let your pubic hair grow. In today time it is not only women that use waxing process or hair removal process but also men.

Waxing at the nail club and spa is one of the best services you can avail. Although waxing is only one process, it has different types it can be for your eyebrow, bikini, and arm/underarm also the entire body waxing that is all available in the nail club and spa. Some kind of waxing should be done with a license cosmetologist or esthetician that is present in the nail club and spa.

        Hair is part of our body but sometimes having too much hair is not good and makes us ugly. Thank you to the technology and we now have the waxing process. We will not need to pluck it every day to keep our skin hair free.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013 with the 3R -Renew, Relax and Rejuvenate

          The holiday had passed we are done with the preparations and stress from it and share the special days with our love ones, family and friends. 2012 is over its book closed we are opening a new book of our life. Let us welcome 2013 with a smile in our heart and leave all the negativity behind.
           Many are thinking how they should start the New Year well nail club and spa trim it down to what we called 3R- Renew, Relax and Rejuvenate still wondering how? The answer is that nail club and spa just waits for you.
          Renew yourself for the New Year gives those old friends a taste of new you, a fresh face from an old friend. Give yourself a treat after that stressful preparation from holidays now you have all the time to go in the nail club and spa give your eyes a new look with the nail club and spa eyelash extension. Eyelash extension in the nail club and spa is the newest trend that is used by the Hollywood artist to have beautiful and expressive eyes. Take note of its benefits it will stay there for a sort of time and it will not get off even you go swimming. Nail club and spa not only offer eyelash extension it also offers the Xtream Lashes because of this you will not need to use mascara and it will stay there  24 hours a day seven days a week. What a nice way to renew yourself for the days ahead.
          Relax after the holiday everyone is tired and does not have enough rest making your body feel tired. Give it sometime to recuperate and relax before you go again and face the coming days. Try the nail club and spa hand and foot massage. Medically speaking an accumulated stress is proven that can cause diseases for our body. Also reflexology also known as zone therapy is proven that helps release and ease stress from the body. Among the benefits of it is good circulation of blood in our body and reliefs from accumulated pain in the past days of holidays. You see you just don’t get relax but also health benefits from nail club and spa hand and foot massage.
          Rejuvenate yourself while other people thinks that they be getting older because it is another year to add in their age  think the other way make yourself look more younger and let the nail club and spa help you. You can have the nail club and spa threading that will give your face a softer more feminine look that will ease the look of a frowning woman that makes us look old. Remove those dead skins, cleanse those tired pores on your face and have a skin analysis for a new you for the year. This is what nail club and spa do when you get the facial skin care service that will leave your face look ten years younger and make your skin rejuvenates. Dazzle those nail and toes with the nail club and spa nail care add some spice to a new you with the nail club andspa large variety of nail care where you can choose from.
          Another year is here another chance is given to us to make our self better and feel good about our self. We just always need to think positive and trust in our self and to that is all above us. Let us make most of it and welcome the year to come with a smile not only in our face but in our hearts.That will really make us beautiful.