Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fabulous Beauty for Holidays

It's here! Christmas is here  every little thing screams that it’s holidays the ambiance , busy people, shopping, gift wrapping  left and right parties. Everyone getting generous receiving their bonus and sharing it to others, love ones – family,relative, and friends or a special someone. Well Christmas is really about sharing and giving.

Mostly at these times we are too busy that we forget how we look like, especially for our mothers or aunt’s because they are the one in-charge in kitchen and entertaining the visitors. Here are some tips that you can do before Christmas day reach so you can look beautiful  this holiday.

There is just one thing that I can really recommend you where you can go and feel beautiful and they can make you fabulously beautiful. The secret is the nail club and spa imagine it’s like going to a one-stop shop. What you can have from the nail club and spa?

These are the answer!

Ø  Eyelash Extension

Keep your eyes beautiful without  spending too much in front of the mirror and getting worried that it might get lost or remove like what can happen on false eyelashes. With the nail club and spa eyelash extension you can have beautiful, expressive eyes just what big time and caliber actress has.Simple eyes yet can give you the satisfaction of being beautiful  and confidence that no matter how sweat you are your eyes are still sparkling and expressive without too much effort.

Ø  Nail Care

Christmas is not complete if there is no shining glittering and splendid things.So, why not let your nails shine and glow while you are having a hand shake with your office mate on a party or welcoming a guest. Let their attention caught by your fabulous and artistic nails that you can get from the nail club and spa. We make sure that no matter what kind of nails you have the nail club and spa can make it glow.

Ø  Facial Skin Care

Don’t let the holiday rush give your face a frown lines and stress you .Treat yourself at the nail club and spa with our facial skin care. Removing the dead skin cell dirt and giving your face a glowing and younger look. How does it works? It cleans your face skin deep removing dirt's and rejuvenates your skin to make you look fresh and young.If you want to hear from those old friends to tell “oh, you still look young as before, you never get old”, facial skin care from the nail club and spa is the solution.

Ø  Threading
Have that outgrown hair eyebrows  that make your face look more masculine or a snob don’t worry nail club and spa has a solution for that. We call it threading it is a method of hair removal using a 100% cotton thread. It will soften your face features and make you look more feminine and can give you angelic look on your face.And it does not use any chemical the estheticians here in the nail club and spa practiced this technique for years that you are well assured that they are good in their crafts before they gone here in United States.

                Christmas really a festive time for every people spending this day with family, friends or special someone will really make the day more special. But being fabulously beautiful for the day will not only make the holiday special but extravagantly memorable for you. Looking good and feeling good about yourself for holiday is the best gift you can give and receive this Christmas.A smile on your face will just make it more perfect.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

History Of Eyelash Extension

I have been writing for a while and discussing about eyelash extension and how it can help and enhance your eye’s look but did it ever occur to you where did it started? Maybe this is the time that I enlighten all of us where does eyelash extension starts.

Since eyelash extension is one of the greatest services you can get from Nail club and spa and the answer to your dilemma when it comes to your eye problems of having an expressive and A-star looks let us explore where it really comes from.

Eyelash extension is enhancement designed to add length, thickness and fullness to the eyes just like hair extension.It was invented in 1916 and the reason is that because a director name D.W. Griffith of the movie Intolerance wants an actress Seena Owen to have a kind of eyelashes that reaches its cheeks.It was first made from human hair in 2004 the Koreans develop it and open the applying or usage of false eyelashes  that was first launch in Vietnam.
There are types of eyelash extensions, one is the temporary false eyelashes which are worn for just a short period of time, they can be made by human hair or synthetic. Trivia the highest quality synthetic is Keraspecific Fibre but this type cannot be worn if you will be going swimming or if it will be get wet. Don’t worry there is what we have now in Nail Club and Spa the semi-permanent eyelash extension that you can wear 24/7 even under water, shower or swimming.

This is a new fashion trend in USA at Nail Club spa they don’t just offer a eyelash extension but the Xtream lashes it serves you from wearing mascara and give you a long-lasting effect that just what A-list star possess. Eyelash Extensions are the hot new rage. Eyelash Extensions not only emphasize the shape of the eye, but also create beautiful captivating eyes with longer, darker, thicker, and very natural looking eyelashes. Lash Extensions are applied individually by hand to each of your own lashes for a totally natural look. The Lash Extensions feel both painless and weightless. They last up to several months. No need for mascara or eye lash curler. They are safe in the shower and swimming pool. They look so natural no one will know they are not yours!

Truly sometimes simple things lead to more discoveries of things that can help us look more beautiful things. Just like the eyelash extension discovery maybe it was discovered to help women and give them a beautiful change that you can with the help of Nail Club and spa that always had the right person to help you.