Friday, May 24, 2013

The Manicure

What is a manicure? Surely everyone knows about it but, as a part of the nail club and spa salon I want to have a deeper and different point of view about manicure, pedicure or just the taking care of you nail and let me inform how our salon make it more special experience for you.
Manicure is compose of two Latin words which are ‘manus’ which means hands and ‘cura’ that means care if we literally put it together it means that hand-care. This part of our body our hands usually neglected but admit it or not are overly worked-out by our day to day activities. We cannot function well without it or if our hands are not in good condition.

The manicure itself started 5,000 years ago while what we know now as French manicure originated in 18th century but become well-known in year of 1920-1930.Since nail are made up of protein keratin that is why it is essential for us to take care of our nail to make grow in healthy manner.
In nail club and spa we treat manicure as a cosmetic beauty treatment it is usually done with the following step:
1.We are making sure that the working area and tool that we will use is clean and is easy for the access.
2. We clean our customer’s hand. This includes removing old nail polish or artificial nails their hand then washing it with soap and warm water.
3. The fingernails are then trimmed to our customer’s desired length and shape it’s nail with the help of a fingernail file.
4.The cuticles are then pushed back with a cuticle pusher, dry and dead skin around cuticles are removed and cleaned.
5.After the manicurist will put at least one layer of either clear polish meant to strengthen weak nails or several layers of color polish and topcoat.
6.To complete it the last part the customer will be given a hand massage using a hand lotion.
This may sound simple and yet this simple procedure will help you have a more healthier and beautiful nails. But, it does not end there have you heard about hot oil manicure this kind of manicure also offered in thenail club and spa. It is a type of manicure which is good for those that have dry skin and nails are brittle. And the name says it uses hot oil for this treatment.
Probably most of us know manicure and how it is done but it is more welcoming if we are well-informed about it and if there is other alternatives for it so we can take care our nails and hand in a far more better way and nail club and spa will surely always be at your service.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Your Face Your Asset

If a face could launch a thousand ships, as stated by a song and yes it really does happened with Helen of Troy and the Trojan War story. If Helen face can do that then we can say that she really got a goddess face. In our today time face is an asset especially for woman like us. It is the first part our body that other people intend to look when they see you. Sometimes it is an requirement in looking for jobs the lines in job ads that has pleasing personality. Admit it or not having beautiful face can be an asset.

All of us are born with especial kind of beauty but the question is how we can maintain it up to our old ages. During our young age it is not a problem but while hitting puberty stage there comes the problem. In this time we encounter to have pimples and if not taken care of the right way it can result to acne or worse. We are all aware that pimples appear because of a lot of reason it can be because of hormones, genetics and stress. As we have said before face is an asset and as an asset we should make sure that it well taken care of.

Having a regimen for our face is a must this usually includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing our face at night while some have other addition to this common regimen. Although we have this it is good to know that there is what we called the “facial skin care”.

Facial skin care is a service that you can have from the nail club and spa. The service includes cleansing of your face. Skin analysis where they look at your face under a magnifying lamp. Removing of dead skin cell while your face is under a steam vapor to loosen the dead cells and renew it or what we call exfoliation. In addition to it the facial skin care of nail club and spa can also exfoliate the black heads in our face but that is a case to case basis. First they only do it if you want it and if it’s applicable for your skin. So you see it is all about what you want and what is best for your skin. Facial massage to make the blood circulation in your face good and the face muscles relax. The facial mask that will also depend on the kind of skin face you have. We also apply toners and protective creams that is just right for your face The best and most of it all nail club and spa give you advice on how you can take care your face even just in your home.

A beautiful face is an asset it adds confidence to face other people and do the things we need to do. I have heard before a quote how can you face the problem if the problem is your face. We can now answer that with today’s excellent answer with the nail cluband spa your face can never be your problem.