Monday, July 29, 2013

11 Ways On How To Make Your Manicure And Pedicure Last Longer

Manicure and pedicure are ways of taking care of your nails. It also serves as a way of giving you nails a fashionable look. However, there are times that the nails polish that was applied for our manicure easily torn apart and ruined. But in the nail club and spa we offer cheap manicure and pedicure for you that have high quality polish that will remain with your nails for a longer period of time.

We give high quality service for your nails. We have manicure and pedicure services and it is assured that the nail polish will last longer compared to other salon.

To help you have a long lasting nail polish, here are some ways to do it.

11 Ways to Make Your Manicure and Pedicure Last Longer

1. One way of maintaining the manicure is to make it easier to maintain, meaning make your nail short but fashionable enough to have that stylish look. If it’s just long, there is a possibility of breaking your nails when doing something.

Keep your nails fashionably short.

2. Put natural nail polish to your manicure and pedicure every day. Natural nail polish or what is famously known as top coat will protect the other nail polish that has color. It serves as shield for your colored nail polish and gives your nails a look that it is just newly manicured, that shines.

Apply top coat daily in your nails.

3. Maintain its shape by using a nail buffer. As our nail grow longer it losses its shape and to maintain it, use a nail buffer. Use it every other day to maintain the shape of your nails.

Maintain its shape by using a nail buffer

4. Don't wash your hands with hand sanitizer, it dries nail polish and ruined top coat.

Don't wash your hands with hand sanitizer.

5. Wash your hands with mild soap to keep your nail polish from drying and breaking.

Wash your hand with mild soap.

6. Moisturize your nail and cuticle by applying nail oil daily. This will avoid your nails from tearing and breaking.

Apply Nail Oil

7. If chipping, file nail down and sealed with top coat.

8. or add thin french tip

9. Harsh cleaning materials can ruin your manicure, wear gloves. Hot water and detergents can cause your nail polish to chip. Avoid them by protecting your wants with gloves.

Wear gloves

10. Avoid scented lotion on your feet. Although you need to moisturize your feet to look good on your nail polish, you should be aware that a fragrant lotion can ruin your polish as well.

Avoid scented lotion.

11. Avoid dipping your feet on the pool. Chlorine will shorten the life span of your nail polish.

Don't dip your feet into the pool.

These are very simple tips that you can do to make your manicure and pedicure last longer. You ca also try shellac. Shellac last longer than ordinary nail polish. That is available in the nail club and spa.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Fake eyelashes versus Eyelash Extension

One of the greatest parts when we are applying makeup is with our eyes. That is why many women are dying to have those long-curly eyelashes that others have. The effect of it to your look is really amazing adding up to the spice off that eye shadow you’re using for your eyes will high light it more.

And because of this demand to have that long curly eyelash, there are many trends in the beauty industry that provide woman to have it for them. The two most common innovation of this is the fake eyelashes and the eyelash extension.

The fake eyelashes has discovered in 1916 since they wanted to have a kind of eyelashes that the star of the movie needed to possess. But there are few disadvantages in using these false eyelashes. The first one is that false eyelashes don’t look real because of the material where it made from although the color and type of it is copied to the real eyelashes its effect is still not looks real as the true ones. While in the eyelash extension from the nail club and spa, an innovation of the fake eyelashes it looks like you really have real eyelashes. Since, it was made from real hairs that will be use as your eyelash extension this will give an effect of real looking eyelashes.

Second, the fake eyelashes damage the real eyelashes in your eyes it happened when you are putting it and the adhesive is not put correctly that when you remove to correct its place the real ones are also remove with the fake ones as result it damage your eyelashes. In the eyelash extension a professional from nail club and spa will apply this to your eyes to incorporate it with the real ones. Furthermore, this people are well experience that you can be sure that it is done perfectly and not damaging your real eyelashes.

The third disadvantage of using fake lashes is that it can cause irritation or infection to your eyes. There are people who have a very sensitive skin that using fake eyelashes on them may cause skin irritation or even infection. If you are those kinds of people you don’t have to worry because you can still have those long curly eyelashes that you want to have by the eyelash extension with nail club and spa. Eyelash extension is safe for any type of skin because the material that is use for it is hypoallergenic that even the most sensitive skin will not be irritated or worse infected.

Changes is good especially if it’s for the better, with this innovation in the cosmetic industry that can avail in any salon or spa it will surely make every girls beautiful and confident about their self. However, you should also make sure that the ones who performed this kind of services is someone that is an expert and can be trusted like the nailclub and spa.

Monday, July 1, 2013

All About Threading

Has your eyebrow outgrown out of way?  Do you have that upper lip hair giving you a manly look? There are parts of our body where hair grows as we shoot our puberty stage; some people have it minimally while some have outrageous hair growths in their body. But, there is no need to worry because since we are growing and developing there are lot of process where this unwanted hair grow in our body can be eliminate  like magic.

One of these processes is called threading, it is popularly called as eyebrow threading since it is usually done for the eye browse however, it can also be done in upper lip, chin, and cheeks or even in your full face. In the nail club and spa you can avail all of this kind of threading services that, will surely performed by their threading experts. Threading is done using a piece of cotton thread, and swiping the thread against the skin. According to the history it originally came from the country in the part of Middle East and South Asia.

Maybe you are asking what is the difference or advantage of having threading than other hair process of hair removal from nail club and spa. Generally speaking the benefits of threading to other hair removal is that it does not leave any unwanted hair and does not hurt the skin. Threading cleaned the eyebrow row by row leaving it with a perfect and femalely shapes. It is good for those people who have a very sensitive skin because it is more gentle process compare to others. And the high lights of it threading from nail club and spa is so affordable that you can never feel that you pay for it.

If that is the case for sure you will ask then why it does not replace waxing when it comes to hair removing process. The reason is the threading can only be done in flat surfaces of your body unlike waxing that can be done in any body parts with a little pain.

Considerably threading is a very simple process from nail club and spa and graciously affordable that may only take for a few minutes but the effect of it to our confidence and to the change it make to our face, giving us a more pretty perception of our self in the mirror can really make  a difference.