Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to turn the Witch to a be-witching Beauty

Halloween is coming and I know everyone is busy looking for what costume should they wear for they Halloween party. Let me just give you some facts and trivia about Halloween we all know that it was celebrated on the eve of October 31 every year but the word Halloween was first used in 16th century the word itself came from its meaning the eve before the Hallows day. Its first variant is the Scottish. Now a days we celebrate it as a costume party that is usually scary like ghost or something that we think does not exist as we thought.

Kids are usually making the trick-or-treat activity wearing their costumes and holding their candy basket. When Halloween is coming the first thing that is entering my mind are witches. In my childhood days I usually wear a witch costume but what I hate about it is that it is always associated as bad character and then because I am a fan of fairy tales I discover that not all witches are bad or harmful. There are some that do goods like the fairy god-mother of Cinderella.

Sometimes I am thinking if I can transform from being a witch into a fairy maybe before its impossible but now with the development we have its not. When we say witch the perception that we have for its look is long nails, ugly face that has so many warts, big eye browse, and scary eyes. Well if they still exist I would tell these things so they transformed their self into a fairy.

1. If I were you, I will go to nail club and spa and let those long and ugly nails they will changed into beautiful cut that make it more stylish. They have the best kind of nail care and the best service when it comes to nail care and there are lots of different kinds of this service that you can choose from.

2. You can have a wart free face go to the nail club and spa and avail their facial care that will exfoliate your dead skin and rejuvenate and make your face look younger.

3.Problem with those over grown eyebrow have it taken care of in the nail club and spa try eyebrow waxing it will make your face look more feminine and easy to be with. Well since you try the eyebrow waxing don’t hesitate to try the nail club and spa eyelash extension that will add an A-class look for your eyes.

4. And take a holiday from thinking those stressful bad plans, try the nail club and spa hand and feet massage to make you feel relax and feel rejuvenated.

If this service really exist before in the time of witches then there will be no ugly witch for sure. But, sometimes I am thinking maybe just maybe there is a valid reason why they became bad and hurt people. Maybe they are lonely too and the people around them judge them too much. What do you think? Halloween is an event that prepares us to remember our love ones that is not in this world anymore, reminiscing the memories when they are still with us here. No matter how you will celebrate it have a Happy Halloween guys! Is it a trick or a treat?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Have more fun here in Colorado. There a lot of festivals and entertainments that would celebrate and bring happiness in most people. I am excited to witness how people enjoy entertainments and events. Most performers are excited to perform the talent that they have like singing, dancing, and they boost their confidence and energy to get the taste of their viewers.  They perform graciously thinking that this is the last performance that would mark to everyone. They will do things to have standing ovation on their performances. Most of them are love live music, participate in group dancing and different contest that represent their identity as a
Coloradoans   and some are just enjoy listening and watching the festival events. Other Coloradoans are enjoying film festivals such as horror, comedy, sports, environmental, animations, documentary and etc. Honestly different faces have their different way on how they enjoy the celebration and on how they made this to days life unforgettable. For some of them says that foods and beverages are important part of the festival wherein everyone will have the group bonding celebration and I agree with them as long as it just for having  fun. During the festival most of them are participating and provide programs that will represent their different features of music that would attract their patron. The state of Colorado will be busier and more enjoyable place all over the world.

This is the time that group friends will be  unite as one they will always on the go, and happy drinking famous and favorite beverages, talking with laughter.  The girls curiosity work how they make themselves beautiful in the eyes of many people especially to boys, they are searching on goggle how they stand out. The dress and make up that would be fit on their personality and taste.

We should all be confident in everything we do, so girls don’t ever let this day disturb you and affect your physical, mental and emotional happiness. Make sure that everything is perfect so you can go wherever you want and anyone. Let’s all experience the quality service of the nail club and spa.  They provide the looks that are attractive and made you feel being satisfy and as most beautiful. Don’t let you judge your physical looks because girls are born to be beautiful.

They offer services such as;

1. Waxing. To make your body neat and clean. To avoid skin irritations that makes  your body uncomfortable.

2. Nail care. You should take good care of your nail because it represents the cleanliness of a woman. Make it clean and attractive to anyone who sees.  Color it as you enjoy life! Show your creativity and personality through manicure and pedicure services  that will render by the nail club andspa.

3. Eye lashes extension. Nail club and spa provide quality care and service, so don’t go any further. Make your eyes glow, attractive and different that will catch the attention of many. Remember, eyes is said to be the window the soul.

During the festival, most of the girls are being observed by different people especially the boys from different places or country. They were thinking how beautiful and attractive they are. Each of them stands their nations how it good and fun to have here. Make our day complete and memorable. Enjoy our life and made things different! It’s all our choice to be happy!