Friday, May 16, 2014

A Mother’s Love

Last Sunday we celebrated “Mothers Day”. It is the day where the world pays tribute to the one who bring us out in this world, the one who suffer the pain of labor without regrets and that is after carrying us in her womb for 9 months with smile and without getting tired.

A one day celebration is not enough to show our love and gratitude to our mother who loves us unconditionally and endlessly. Our mom is the one who see to it that we are provided of our daily needs. Our mom is the one who taught us how to walk and speak.

She is our superhero who is always been there whenever we need her even if we are not asking her to do so. How can we repay her love? Love can only repaid by love. Love her the way she loves you. Provide all the needs she needs, teach her the new things she didn't know and make her experience the best of life.

When you are young she sacrificed herself. She thinks of your needs first more than hers. Now, she’s old and she’s tired. What can you offer her is to relax and stop being a mom for one day. For once, let her think about herself and her happiness. Give her what she wants. It is more than she deserves.

Let her sleep in a relaxing ambiance of spa while the professionals do her thing with her and let her wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful. This is one thing that you can do and there is a lot more!
What about a hug? Give her a tight hug and let your body say the words of thanks and love. Let your hug tell her that she can now depend on you and that you will be always here for her. Smile. Give her the sweetest smile and kiss her. I’m sure tear will fall down from her face because the message is clear with her. It is just like saying I’m grateful that you are my mother, I adore you and I respect you. Why not speak the words itself? Say, “I love you mom!”. It is the best music in her ear.

This things are very powerful though a little cheesy but so cheap and cannot replace by any expensive gifts.

Your time is another gift you can give to her. Just sit beside her, sip tea together and listen to her stories. Laugh your hearts out, it is the best memory she will always recall.

We only have one mother in this world, do this before it is too late. She will not always be here for us so cherish her. This is not only for biological moms but it goes as well to all the people who act like mom to you and I’m sure there is always one.

Belated Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the world. Know that you are loved! Cheers to the wonderful life of motherhood.