Monday, June 17, 2013

The Last Minute June Bride Preparations

Walking down the aisle while you can see the one you love, your prince charming is waiting for you at the end. Wedding or getting married is one of women’s greatest dream in their finding the right person and spending the life with him and your own family. June is famously known as a month of wedding that is why there are so many women who want to marry in his specific month and be a June bride. According to history in the early Roman times there is a celebration for Juno the wife of Jupiter and also known as being the goddess of marriage and child birth.

Since the ceremony is especially for you because you will be the bride and the apple of the eye on that especial day. I make a checklist for you so you can’t forgot about yourself.

The following is a check list on what you can do to prepare yourself for your big day:

1. Hand and foot massage with reflexology

- Preparing for the wedding is quite stressful walking around for papers’, meeting and informing those people that will be a part in your wedding. Looking for venues and other necessary things you need to have for the wedding is quite tiring. Maybe you’re not recognizing the tiredness because of the excitement but your body does. Let your body relax with the nail club and spa hand and foot massage that will ease your body pains and relieves the pressure and stress that they acquire this will also help your body have a good blood circulation that will give you a feeling of full relaxation.

2. Eyelash Extension

-Although wedding is a very happy milestone moment in a women’s life it is also one of the tears shedding scene with the bride’s parents .I strongly advice that you have the eyelash extension service from the nail club and spa, this will help your eyes look more expressive and soulful but the good thing about it is that you do not need to wear mascara to make it look more beautiful. With the help of the eyelash extension service your will look like the eyes of Jennifer Lopez and other A-list Hollywood stars  and when you cry on your wedding day because of too much joy you don’t need to worry about that you’re your mascara might spilled through your face because you don’t need to use any.

3. Facial Skin Care

-They say that the bride will have the most beautiful face on her wedding day but don’t just believe in the saying make it a reality. Through the facial skin care with nail club and spa we will remove the dead skin cell from your face and make you look ten times younger and rejuvenate your face.

These three things might be very simple yet, will make a difference on how you will look on your wedding day. Special moments like should make you feel special too being the most beautiful bride is one of the duties you owe to yourself. Let the nail club and spa make you shine with our services that is made rightfully for you but let your love from your heart for your groom make you glow on this day that no other woman can be more beautiful in his eyes. Marrying is milestone in every woman’s life so what else we can wish for but best wishes.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Father That Rocks

Family is the basic unit of society that composed of a mother, a father and children that maybe related by blood or by law. The father serves as the head of the family, providing for the families needs and also set as the disciplinarian and model for the kids but the most important is the security that they give to their family. Apparently being a father doesn't have a manual or a module there is also no school where you can study on how to be a good father. That is why I salute those entire fathers who make their children life better and became one of those hundreds or millions of father out there that deserves to be called the best father in the world. This kind of father deserves a great hug kisses and million words of love for their sacrifices and hard work to give us a good future.

This time since father’s day is so near and it is just around the corner why not let us have time to think of a better way on how we can tell them how much they mean to us not only with our hug and kisses. For sure nobody will disagree to this so here are my tips:

Facial skin care-Males or our Dad’s specifically usually forget about their self they always just think about us and our welfare. I strongly suggest that you dragged your father to go to the nail club and spa and forced them to try the spa’s facial skin care service that will surely make your Dad face smoother and younger looking, so you two will just look like siblings. Anyway it is not just women right to have a beautiful and youthful but also men.

Manicure and Pedicure-who say’s that manicure and pedicure is just for women to have a beautiful and shining fashionable nails. I greatly disagree in nail club spa and as what I said before manicure and pedicure is a way of taking care of our nails and because our fathers  also have nails then they also have deserve to have a manicure and pedicure. Cleaning those tired nails and removing all the dirt that they get from their works.

Hand and Foot Massage with Reflexology-mainly our father is responsible in making sure that there is a food on our table that we can eat. Send us to schools where we can learn and give clothes and shelter that we basically need. In other words they also serve as our provider, and to be able to obtain it takes a lot of body and muscle pain but they still do it not just because of out of obligation but because they want us to have the best in this world that they can give. Have you ever think of giving your father a nice massage in the back or their tired shoulders.

If you don’t have the talent then let the professional staffs from the nail club and spa handle their tired bodies and ease those pains away by the spas hand and foot massage with reflexology that will surely make those tiredness and body pains away. Making those muscles more relax and feel relief.

Having a father is a blessing but having an exceptional father is a like a curse that you wanted to have forever but sadly our father would not be forever like the “Dance with my father” song we can only want to have him and be with him once again but we can’t so let us treasure every moments with him. But the most important is that we will live with what our father teaches us his values and principle. Happy father’s day to all fathers out there! I salute you!